Mr tambourine’s guesses for other 7 tracks still unknown and their lyrics!

By Mr tambourine  

  1. I Contain Multitudes 04:36
  2. False Prophet 06:00
  3. Glory To The Forgotten 06:41
  4. Announcements Of The Heart 06:32
  5. My Rough And Rowdy Ways 04:12
  6. The Secret Disguise 04:13
  7. The Crime Of The Day 04:29
  8. When Sweethearts Part 07:22
  9. Dark Without Your Light 09:34
  10. Murder Most Foul 16:54

“Glory To The Forgotten”

You can tell by the gray that surrounds us
That bad luck will come to hound us
Going forward in the world of despair
You can leave all you can leave
You will still remain conceived
You will count the change with a lot of care

Strollin' through the seasick minds
Leaving all the previous love behind
Stretching past the columns of the saints
Jumping over twists of fates
Igniting all that is precious to behold
Leaving the story forever untold

Getting ready for the end times just startin'
Without giving the glory to the forgotten
The deals that were dealt in the mystical dawn
Give you nothing to frown upon
You look for the best offer out there
The laughing of the circus clowns
Trying to bring you down
And the watchmen with their creepy stare
Gazing at your feet made of clay
Before you notoriously run away

Mocking all that there's left to mock
Leaving the paying audience in shock
Giving all that's left that you can give
You don't want them to call you sensitive

Getting used to all the ways of partin'
Leaving no glory to the forgotten

I was painting my portrait for a lifetime
I always liked to do it in the nighttime
But I never quite finished it

I painted with a lot of passion
Never cared about the current fashion
Better to be a painter than a ventriloquist
In my many hours of deceit
I have an endless attack of conceit

So, I better be left alone
With you and your tricks at home
I need guidance from you and all that you do
To your inescapeable love, I'm stuck like glue
Oh, how I wish I was in the land of cotton
To give, along with you, the glory to the forgotten

"Announcements Of The Heart"

Stuck in the hands of the chilly breeze
Feeling helplessly weak to my knees
Heard a tune of a meadowlark
Felt the announcement of the heart

And the heart finally announced
A romance to a quarter of an ounce
Your name I started to pronounce
And you to me are all that counts
Heard a melody of a violin
Felt the movement from within
Felt the new kind of emotion
Bringing me such devotion

I heard claims about our love
In a dream that I was dreamin' of
When I was fast asleep
Having feelings I wanted to keep

Take me, baby, wherever you go
Through the sun, rain or snow
Don't you see it's already been decided
After my heart made an announcement

With your name now in my book
I can always take another look
I don't even have to see you
From within I can always feel you

Watching lovers as they pass
And all their precious love that lasts
Makes me think of me and you
And how my heart thinks it's true

If I had to make a single wish
The only one would be your kiss
None other than that one
With your kiss my life would have begun

So, darling, please don't turn away
Or I will think of you every day
Darling, please don't let us part
Trust the announcements of my heart

"My Rough And Rowdy Ways"

To be or not to be
That is a question
Is there somethin' new to see?
Do you have a suggestion?

My life's not worth in gold
My life is like a play
So don't try to change
My rough and rowdy ways

Heaven, oh, I'm in heaven
With habbits just good enough
My heart was world-wonder no. 7
Until Taj Mahal replaced it in a puff

I've been criticized a lot
But I've also been praised
But I always trust my gutt
And my rough and rowdy ways

I read another new book today
And heard another new piece of music
Once again I got carried away
And it was very amusing

It reminded me of what I do
Especially in my early days
I hope you can see it too
My rough and rowdy ways

Get your mind out of the gutter
And hear me what I say
If you're not into it, don't bother
You will find your own way

Are you still seeking truth from me?
Are you still amazed?
Can you still leave me be
With my rough and rowdy ways

"The Secret Disguise"
Fakery across the land
Truth is always second-hand
Everybody wearing masks
No one for honesty asks  

Living in that kind of land
Makes me finally understand
That whenever I need to compromise
I just put on my secret disguise 

Looking at the towers of Babel
Seeing the road to peace unravel
But it all still fell short
Many things are destined for the court 

I can barely stand it anymore
Even though I opened many doors
So whenever I have to face the lies
I just put on my secret disguise
Back in the day when I was young
For my beliefs they almost had me hunged
But I learned to keep my cool
Never ended up as a fool  

Learned to speak with conviction
And the songs became my only addiction
I could feel myself arise
Wearing my secret disguise  

So, before I take one last gaze
A toast to the truth I will raise
Even though I might be figured out
Only I know what I'm really about
And before I say one last goodbye
I have to thank the apple of my eye
For what it's done and for making me wise
Accepting me for who I am and my secret disguise  

"The Crime Of The Day"   

They killed another man today
Once again they have it their way
These people hiding in the corners
They're just taking someone's orders  

Every day you watch the news
And you can't shake off the blues
Tragedy one after another
All you can really do is stutter

 So you start to wonder
What you should do in all this plunder
Don't you see that it's a decay
Every crime is a crime of the day  

Comparing crimes, not comparing brilliance
Brilliance of art and resilience
Comparing scorn and comparing scars
Always taking it too damn far 

Another man killed somebody today
Another man died of overdose, one killed himself
One had drugs, the other had weapons on his shelf
Another damn crime of the day  

Crime like any crime
Put you where you are and you can't turn back the time
Can't even turn back the page
You're stuck inside an inescapeable cage

 Even praising the lord seems too late
You waited too long, there's a whole lot more you'll have to wait
For your sins to be removed
First your prayers need to be approved

Think of the crime we have all committed
When will we ever forfeit it?
When will we ever learn?
That all the bridges have already been burned  

Stop believing in all the hatred
Start believing in something sacred
That's what'll get us saved
We don't need another crime of the day  

"When Sweethearts Part"  

I've had many loves
And have plenty to share
I already told many stories
About welfare
Well, it's time for something new
Sit back and enjoy, I'll walk you through   

I know that I am often linked to Suze
She still gives me the blues
Whenever I think of her
Yes, I used to love her
But she is now long gone
Not anymore among the living

I sometimes think "what if she was the one"
She was always so forgiving
I'm surprised she never took me back
Ever since we split
My life was never again painted black
When her light was lit

Her beauty to me was of great importance
She made me believe in romance
It made me sad when she left
Took me years to get over that
When she left I wrote some of my finest work
I wrote it because I was hurt

I also didn't know what I was worth
And if I really belonged on Earth
Suze was my sweetheart
Very sad we had to part  

I remember writing one of my worst songs for Suze too
And for her mother and sister out of the blue
We also had a child we couldn't accept
We weren't sure what was left

 Suze died a dozen years ago
Can't remember where I was then, but I knew I wasn't home
I also knew that one part of me was gone
It was so hard to carry on   

Suze had my heart locked
And never gave me a key to her heart
Eversince we went our separate ways
The nights were longer than the days 

I wrote "Boots Of Spanish Leather"
When we were together
One of the songs linked to me forever
And she was on the cover of "Freewheelin' Bob Dylan"
Before the forthcoming albums that made me into a villain
I wish Suze was alive for a few more years
To see me win the prize for literature
She would certainly give me cheers
And I could finally thank her
For she created the artist in me
For all the world to see  

It's sad right from the start
Knowing sweethearts are meant to part
Rarely they end up and stay together
Even if they do, it's never forever
Like all the fairy tales say
It's good as long as it lasts more than a day

 I know I was also linked to Joan
I had to share with her - her throne
She was the queen in everyone's eyes
And I conquered her with surprise

 Joaney was my sweetheart too
I'm sorry I had to make her blue
I haven't seen her for many years now
It feels like it's all over now  

I would take a bow for Joaney and raise a glass for her
And for the love we had together
But it would be all too late now
Don't ask me how  

It was a string of events
That led to the departure
And that ultimately separated her
Separated her from me
For all the world to see

 I could have been a folk hero
But I left it all behind
The regrets I have are zero
And I am more than satisfied

 But Joaney became a heroine of folk
And that's what she probably wanted to be
I wanted to go in a different direction
That stuff never interested me

Sorry to say goodbye Joaney
But god knows how long we have left
I'm still here performing
You went into retirement

 No matter where the road leads us
We'll always be linked
I hope you don't look at what I've done to you as treason
I hope that's not what you think  

Joaney and I reconciled later
Had a few more moments together
After the faithful sixties
That's what the trick is 

That's what it looks like
When sweethearts part

"Dark Without Your Light"   

Now, my room has got two windows
And the sunshine never comes through
It's been that way forever now
Since life goes on without you  

My covers feel like lead
And my pillow feels like stone
Can't remember what I had
But now I've forgotten all I've known

 I need to buy a dream or two
To last me through the years
I'm lost without all of you
I have revisited my fears  

The only price I ever had to pay
Is a heart full of tears
No matter if it all goes away
I will retain these spheres
I've been down more roads than you
But it's not something to brag about
It's just something what made me blue
Something I can't live without   

Don't you know it's been dark
Dark without your light
Dark without your light of guidance
It's been more precious than the sanctuaries

The torches that you carried
Torches of great importance
It's been very dark
Dark without your light

Your light of honor
They made a savior out of me
Expect me to take your place
And although I have dealt with my own horror

It's still gonna be dark, dark without your love
Even the angels would have been afraid
Nothing will get us saved  

When did you leave heaven?
How could they let you go?
How's everything in heaven
I'd like to know  

They told me I was the Jack of all Trades
And the master of none
My companions carried blades
While I had my time in the sun   

I'm stuck in all these temples
And kingdoms of the world
Whatever has to happen
I'll never give the swine my pearls  

Passing through the meadows
Of endless heartbreak
Hiding behind the shadows
Taking what I can take
Passing through the jungle
And hotels in the desert
Every day is a struggle
No matter which outskirt   

Don't you know it's been dark
Dark without your light
Dark without your light of the saints
Have you seen all them beggars

And all them bootleggers
Spreading words of complaint
It's been very dark
Dark without your light

Your light right from paradise
They made a prophet
And an idol out of me

An icon of the greatest size
It's still gonna be dark, dark without your love
If you ever decide to go away again
I hope it's just a part of your master plan   

I've been to Lonely Street
I've been to Heartbreak Hotel
I felt like a piece of meat
Like a bucket of the well  

And I get so lonely, baby
So lonely that I could die
That's the way you made me, baby
I'm so lonesome I could cry
Well, if the river was a whiskey
And I was a divin' duck
I would have played it risky
Just like riding in my pickup truck
Oh lordy lord, oh lordy lord
It hurts me so bad for us to part
This is the kind of love I can't afford
'Cause it keeps breaking my heart  

You know you ain't gonna trouble
Poor me anymore
All I have left is to roll and to tumble
Leave my key of the highway in the door

 Now you keep on bettin'
That the dice won't pass
I keep asking myself why I'm settlin'
God knows how long my life will last

Best to leave it be
Let it all go
Nothing left to see
Nothin' left to know   

Don't you know it's been dark
Dark without your light
Dark without your light of love
Don't you see the cries of the wicked

The fog of lifelessness has thickened
Every man is full of shoves
It's been very dark
Dark without your light

Your light that was approved by the Lord himself
They turned me into a master
And a Lord even too
Expect me to give them a sermon every now and then right off the shelf

It's still gonna be dark, dark without your love
I'm gonna get used to not seeing you
That's about all that I can do

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8 Responses to Mr tambourine’s guesses for other 7 tracks still unknown and their lyrics!

  1. Larry fyffe says:

    Habbits – Being picky I know – but under ‘Rowdy Ways’ should that be ‘habits’ or should that be ‘hobbits’ (Lord of the Rings) since both words fit but then the meaning changes.

  2. denise konkal says:

    Mr Tambourine,

    Well this is certainly a very innovative, daring, and yes even a valiant approach to commentary and to poetry itself. Quite astounding with endless thoughts and emotions redounding and resounding like the echo of a train that circles back again on a track that has been constructed in a loop. To be able to enter into the thought and heart process of seeing other perspectives to let it teach you and take you right out of yourself is very rare matter. Something much too difficult for most people to even imagine let alone attempt. Then to create things so remarkable out of that experience is ingenious and very brave!

    I can most definitely see Bob in these lyrics you have composed and how lonely and hard his life has been despite his great success. It has come with a heavy onus and price too. Joy and pain often hold hands as does love and loneliness. As I was reading these I found that you managed to capture the true nuances of the cost of art. Yes artistry has a heavy price for if you choose to suppress it you’ll be torn apart inside. If you choose to apply it then you fall prey to the cold death grip of ignorance or just as bad the celebration of others that end up choking you or elevating you so high that the air is too thin to breathe and continue to live! So you let go of everything and “all [you] have left is to roll and to tumble”. Too many artists have come to ruin this way. Thanks be to God, Bob has been resilient and has carried on like a meteor orbiting the earth.

    I could go on and on about this because of what your lyrics (art) have provoked and evoked. But I will only exhaust myself and bore everyone else so I’ll just say congratulations! Amazing first for the endeavor but mostly for the beauty of your poetry! It actually leaves me quite breathless! You need never think that you have not produced something of great importance here!


  3. denise konkal says:

    This is breaking out to share as a result of inspiration from Bob and you mr tambourine

    Back and Forth
    by denise konkal

    Faded smiles linger fragile
    Faded pains ache slow beneath
    What was morning
    Slips to evening
    What was Living
    Is now a wreath

    Golden Moments sift with gravel
    Sift with sand and are diffused
    Broken hearts rock in a cradle
    Back and forth with timeless youth

    Suffer not to lay aside then
    Bend not to that quivering clutch
    Open vast thy inner treasures
    Hidden harvest loved so much

    To laugh again with simple pleasure
    That yearning so has made it be
    Scatter wasted, fleeting burdens
    To the wind and over sea

    No longer bound by disappointment
    No longer held in solemn grief
    But instead a quiet rhythm
    Of a heart that’s found belief

    Awake,Awake, oh child and dream
    Awake and take thine own small hand
    Just as dewdrops kiss the lily
    Just as seashells cup the sand

    On a shore of sweetness christened
    Hope and beauty
    on moss are clung
    Press down thy foot
    and make impression
    And ring the bells left to be rung

    Sweet Vulnerability by denise konkal

    Sweet vulnerability how you cause the heart to sing
    How you take our love to wing
    Across the universe and back in the twinkling of an eye
    Uplifted and transported, quicker than the mind can sort it
    And it only takes an instant to see his face
    Only one drop of his omnipotent grace
    And in that fine moment that no mind can trace
    You know you are loved

    Sweet vulnerability, how you cause the heart to ache
    How you take that love to break
    Across the universe and back in the twinkling of an eye
    Broken and crucified
    Quicker than the tear can dry
    And it only takes an instant to see his face
    Only one drop of his omnipotent grace
    And in that fine moment that no mind can trace
    You know you are loved

    Sweet vulnerability, how you cause the flesh to die
    How you mute its selfish cry
    Across the universe and back in the twinkling of an eye
    Subdued with respite
    Quicker than the speed of light
    And it only takes an instant to see his face
    Only one drop of his omnipotent grace
    And in that fine moment that no mind can trace
    You know you are loved

    Sweet vulnerability, how you make the spirit rise
    How you melt its thin disguise
    Across the universe and back in the twinkling of an eye
    Naked and revealed, quicker than one thunder peal
    And it only takes an instant to see his face
    Only one drop of his omnipotent grace
    And in that fine moment that no mind can trace
    You know you are loved
    You are loved

  4. Bennyboy says:

    Not enough stabbings, revenge killings abd bragging about sexual prowess for those lyrics to be authentic.

  5. Larry fyffe says:

    Everybody must be a critic, everybody must throw stones ….

  6. jas says:

    Very surprising guesses, Mr tambourine! I am looking forward to the premieres of this weekend to celebrate, I wish to Mr. Dylan happy birthday in the times of the approaching release of his new album. I wish him good health, love and that he stay forever young! And the wish let these times return to normal. With my love to him.

  7. jas says:

    To can hear all fantastic gushing music joy in these days is great pleasure for my listening. Each of new released songs was a surprise…and wow! June 19 it is my great curiosity! Expectation of new Bobby´s record is the greatest unbelievable joy for me! That´s the way it is in my heart and mind and my soul through Bobby´s exceptional art and energy ….ever loving! Wow!

  8. jas says:

    I apologize to you very deeply for my today´s words, please forgive me, I´ll never repeat that impudence! Please forgive me, I am trying to get out of it … I’m sad about it all. Oh, forgive me! if you could… Please!

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