The articles and reviews on this site consist of a mix of personal opinion and facts but where giving a personal opinion we feel it is always helpful to give some evidence for that opinion, rather than just state it.  Otherwise we just end up with contradictions.

It is inevitable that in an undertaking as large as this, undertaken by a handful of people, mistakes can happen, and if you find one, please do let us know.  All we request is that you let us know in a polite and friendly manner.  Anything that criticises the individual writer, suggests an opinion is cowardly, says that the writer is wrong and knows he is wrong etc, rather than deals with the issues we are discussing is liable to be removed and the writer of the comment to be banned from the site.

It is perfectly possible to argue against something said in an article, by using polite language and dealing with the issues raised, rather than the personality or ability of the writer, and that’s primarily what we ask.

We try not to publish comments that fail to meet these simple rules, nor those that are abusive or criticise without giving evidence of an alternative point of view.  Where they do slip through, they are liable to be removed later.

It should also be remembered that not everyone who writes articles here or who comments is writing in his/her first language or may use a form of English which is non-standard, and we tend not to publish comments which criticise the way people write.

Because of the vitriol that has been submitted to this site in relation to issues concerning Israel I regret we are not publishing any more comments that mention or relate to Israel.  From my point of view all sides have had their say, so there is no point publishing any more when by and large each comment just generates more vitriol.

Tony Attwood