Updated reviews

Some reviews are amended slightly – we’re not including those.  These are reviews that have had new links to recordings added, links to related articles, and sometimes new insights and thoughts that (we hope) improve on the original.

This list is far from complete: we’ll be trying to update it in the coming weeks.

Changing of the Guards: The meanings behind Bob Dylan’s song

Dark Eyes: the meaning behind the Bob Dylan song

Everything is Broken: How a short track transmuted into post-modernist chill.   With three live videos, a cover version and more thoughts on why the song bounces along on the smashed remnants of society.

“It Ain’t Me Babe” – from “Go way from my window” to “Yeah yeah yeah”

It’s all right ma.  A second video added of a live performance so we have both an acoustic and band version with the review.

John Brown: not just the song it’s the staggering performance.  Both recordings included and a look back to the song’s origins.

Just like a woman with new videos added.

Mississippi: the meaning of Dylan’s music and lyrics including Misssippi Alternate Version 3.  I know I am always behind the times but I only just found this with the different words.  Listen before it gets taken down agian.

Not Dark Yet: Bob Dylan as 20th century Keats, and the memories that still linger

On the road again – the forgotten song from “Bringing it all back home” revisited, with the original song of that name, Jack White’s reworking of the original, Heylin’s surprising approval, and three modern re-workings of Dylan’s post-modern crazy world.

One of us must know (Sooner or Later).  Dylan’s hatred of women or just a failed affair?  Including the amazing amazing revised version from 1978

Political World: How to get hit by reality.  Three versions included – the album video, the outtake with six extra verses and a not so good live version.

Positively 4th Street: the meaning and the music with an interesting variant

Quinn the Eskimo including Bob’s live version, Manfred Mann’s six minute album version, one really unusual re-interpretation, and one showing why it is just fun to play.  And a bit more thought on what it all means.

Series of Dreams with links to three versions, including the extra verse version.  Listen and be astounded.

“She Belongs to Me”: never has a 12 bar blues sounded more beautiful

Shelter from the Storm.  With the addition of four videos of the song, plus the missing verse and a short debate on the meaning of mythopoeic and a comparison with Gormenghast, plus links to related articles

Series of Dreams with links to three versions, including the extra verse version.  Listen and be astounded.

Silvio with a brilliant live version and some very strange comments from readers.

Visions of Johanna: the meaning of the music, the lyrics and the rewrites

“Where were you last night?” by Bob Dylan. The meaning behind the lyrics and the music