What was it you wanted? The meaning behind the music and the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s song

What was it you wanted

This new review and analysis by Tony Attwood written in 2013 replaced the initial review from 2009.

A slow introduction, and from line one we go; a song in a minor key packed with minor chords, revealing once more the lost and bemused individual.

If you want a classic moment of Dylan in this period look no further than this dislocated individual, out of touch with the reality of the person to whom he is speaking, a person who is as out of touch with the real world as he is.

If you want a line here it is: “What was it you wanted when you were kissing my cheek?”  The old certainties, he says, are long, long since gone.

In this song two people cannot communicate, there is nothing here the singer can be certain about.  He can’t even be sure that he is now with the same person as he had with him last time.  Think mist, misunderstanding, two people by-passing each other, just missing each other, nothing is clear…and just in case we still haven’t got it, there are echoes of the harmonica at the end of each verse.  Who has ever used echoes on a harmonica before in this way?

Come to that are there any other songs around which have a “B” section (the “middle 8”) which is based totally around the minor fifth.  As that section starts with “Whatever you wanted” we are waiting for a relief from the relentless minor chord, but it just doesn’t come.  In the end the return to the verse structure (on the album in the somewhat unlikely key for blues musicians of C sharp minor) gives some relief.  And the fact that it does tells us just how misty the whole production has got.

The total lack of communication (symbolised in a way by that haunting harmonica echo) is over powering.  “What was it you wanted?   Tell me again so I’ll know” – how many times does the man need to be told?

But no matter how much he fails to listen, to hear, to understand, he keeps asking and asking asking…

What was it you wanted
You can tell me, I’m back
We can start it all over
Get it back on the track
You got my attention
Go ahead, speak…

But of course the speaking never comes

Was there somebody looking
When you give me that kiss
Someone there in the shadows
Someone that I might have missed?

In the end it is a dream, a dream where reality comes in and out.  The sort of dream where you say, when describing the piece, I was chasing this bus, I don’t know why, I was just chasing.

It is not surprising to discover the “Series of Dreams” was written for this album, and then for some reason dropped.  As always we don’t know the reason – but artistically we can see at once.  For “Dreams” although on the same subject, just doesn’t fit.  By making the album overtly about dreams the images and the message would have been lost because although these may be dreams they are oh so much more.

Are you the same person
That was here before?
Is it something important?
Maybe not
What was it you wanted?
Tell me again I forgot

The fog and smoke never clears, nothing gets sorted, everything inside the singer is a muddle, he can make no sense.  This is so much more than a dream, and how pleased I am that we have this album with “Series of Dreams”.  How impossible it would have been to disentangle the message have that songs been there.

And so we reach the end…

Is the scenery changing
Am I getting it wrong
Is the whole thing going backwards
Are they playing our song?
Where were you when it started
Do you want it for free
What was it you wanted
Are you talking to me?

The end line of the last verse is perfect.  Isolation is total.  There is nothing save disassociation, falling apart, the failure of all communication and understanding.

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2 Responses to What was it you wanted? The meaning behind the music and the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s song

  1. Shabtai Shacham says:

    To me the theme of the song is not a break or a lack of communication between two people, and neither Dylan’s state of confusion or detachment.
    I see it as a sarcastic and cynical song of Dylan trying to shake off a nagging spouse, who keeps on bothering him with all kind of stupid requests.

  2. Hello Tony, yes another interesting analysis of a song from Bob Dylan’s Music Box http://thebobdylanproject.com/Song/id/729/What-Was-It-You-Wanted Lift the lid and join us inside to listen to every version of every song composed or performed by Bob Dylan.

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