Influences On Bob Dylan

This is a list of articles on the Influence upon Bob Dylan created by Larry Fyffe.

Over time I hope to put links to each article and maybe even go further with indexing, but as I have the list I thought I would put it up.  If you are seeking an article just type the title into the search box, omitting any apostrophes.  The search facility does not like apostrophes.


Latest article: Bob Dylan and the Symbols of Alchemy.  But is he a Gnostic?

Earlier articles in the series(in order of publication)

Bob Dylan and Alchemy

▪The Songs Of Bob Dylan And The Poems Of Dylan Thomas
▪The Browning Of The Green Mountain
▪Bob Dylan And Walt Whitman
▪Dylan And The Three Penny Opera
▪Bob The Ripper: Is Your Name Mary
▪Frederich Nietzsche, William Blake, And Bob Dylan
▪Bob Dylan:The Property of Jesus
▪It’s Not Dark Yet: Bob Dylan And Existentialism
▪Bob Dylan And Robert Graves
▪Bob Dylan And Gnosticism Part I
▪The Three Penny Opera Part II: Bob Dylan And WH Auden
▪Bob Dylan: Water  A Symbol Of Power
▪Bob Dylan Confronts Gothicism In The Ruins Of Your Balcony
▪Bob Dylan: Symbolism of Fire
▪Mother Earth And Bob Dylan
▪Air/Wind Symbolism In The Songs Of Bob Dylan
▪The Pain In The Window
▪Bob Dylan And The Rebellion Of The Devil
▪Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud
▪Bob Dylan And Paul Verlaine
▪Charles Swinburne, Wallace Stevens, And The Jack Of  Hearts
▪Bob Dylan And Archibald MacLeish
▪Bob Dylan And William Carlos Williams
▪Frost Fills The Window: Dylan’s Knocking On The Door
▪Bob Dylan And Carl Sandburg
▪Villon And Dylan
▪Dylan’s Other Speech
▪Bob Dylan And Carl Sandburg Part II
▪Dylan:Things Have Changed Or Have They
▪Bob Dylan And Percy Shelley
▪Bob Dylan: Threepenny Shelley
▪Bob Dylan And Literary Allusions
▪Bob Dylan And Literary Allusions part 2
▪Bob Dylan’s Got A Lot Of Gall
▪Under The Millwood With Bob Dylan
▪Dylan’s Tempest; the Beggar’s Banquet;the Three Penny Opera
▪Bob Dylan And Andre Breton
▪Bob Dylan And Lawrence Ferlinghetti
▪Bob Dylan And Henry Timrod:The Country Coleridge Rambles
▪Bob Dylan And Allen Ginsberg
▪Untold’s Exclusive Interview With Bob Dylan
▪Bob Dylan And Samuel Coleridge
▪Bob Dylan And Edgar Allan Poe
▪Bob Dylan And Lord Tennyson
▪Bob Ulysses Disguised As Mack The Knife
▪Bob Dylan And Aeneas:The Greatest Troy Ever Sold
▪Bob Dylan’s Original Recipes And Cookbook
▪Bob Dylan And Hart Crane
▪Bob Dylan Talks About His Career As A Used Car Salesman
▪Bootleg Tape From New Dylan CD Christmas In The Heart
▪Dear Babby:An Advice Column For The Lovelorn
▪Bob Dylan’s Efforts At Tourist Promotion
▪Bob Dylan And Omar Khayyam
▪Listen To The Dylanesque Whistle Blowing
▪Roots In A Blues Ballad, Rhymes From The Romantic Poets
▪Bob Dylan And Rudyard Kipling
▪Bob Dylan And Rudyard Kipling Part II
▪Bob Dylan And Geoffrey Chaucer:Thunder On The Mountain
▪Bob Dylan And Geoffrey Chaucer:The Death Of Pity
▪Bob Dylan And James Joyce
▪Bob Dylan: Fire And Desire, Love And Sex
▪Bob Dylan’s Trials And Tribulations Of Human Existence
▪Bob Dylan And Gregory Corso
▪Bob Dylan And Ray Bremser
▪Bob Dylan And The Heart Of Darkness
▪Bob Dylan And Lucian Ducasse: The Maldoror
▪Is Bob Dylan Good Or Bad
▪F. Scott Fitzgerald And Bob Dylan:The Great Gatsby
▪Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts:Revealing The Source
▪Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts Part II: Damon Runyon
▪Bob Dylan Introduces American Gothic To Folk Rock
▪Bob Dylan And Botticelli, DaVinci, Delacroix, Duchamp, Picasso, VanGogh
▪Bob Dylan And The Beat Poetry Of Vachel Lindsay
▪Bob Dylan And William Yeats: Heaven Blazing In My Head
▪Bob Dylan’s Messiah:Songs Of Light And Darkness
▪Bob Dylan And Edward Cummings: The Romantic Revival
▪Bob Dylan And Henry Longfellow Part I:Desire
▪Bob Dylan And Henry Longfellow:Conclusion
▪The BalIad Of Frankie And Bobbie:Bob Dylan And Frank Sinatra
▪Bob Dylan’s Songs Considered As Art For Art’s Sake
▪Bob Dylan And The Allegory
▪Bob Dylan And Gnosticism Part II:Johnannine Visions
▪Bob Dylan And Gnosticism Part III:The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene
▪Source Of Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts Part III
▪Lily O’Valley, Mary Magdalene, And The Jehovah Of Hearts:Bob Dylan
▪Bob Dylan And Catullus:Greek And Roman Mythology
▪Bob Dylan:Mixed-up Confusion
▪Bob Dylan:Songs Of Alchemy
▪Bob Dylan And Christian Gnosticism
▪The Gospel Of Bob Dylan
▪There’s A Slow Train Coming:Bob Dylan
▪The Stranger In Bob Dylan’s I And I
▪Bob Dylan Disguises Himself As Ezekiel Part I
▪Bob Dylan Disguises Himself As Ezekiel Part II
▪Bob Dylan Disguises Himself As Ezekiel Part III
▪Bob Dylan: Which Side Are You On
▪The Drunken Persian He Follows Me:Bob Dylan And Jeremiah
▪Bob Dylan As Isaiah
▪Joel And Dylan Change Attire
▪Thus Spake Robert Zarathustraman
▪Dylan Deconstructured:He’s Inside Out, Upside Down, Right Side Up
▪A Job Dylan Allegory: God To The Devil, Make My Day
▪Bob Dionysus Turns Into A Blood- Thirsty Lion
▪The Duquesne Whistle Blows That Love Is Not All In Vain
▪Zenon, Zanzinger, And Zimnerman In The North Country
▪Bob Dylan Rides The Northern Lights
▪Concerning Bob Dylan’s Conversion To Islam
▪Bob Dylan’s Ol’ Time Incongruous Cabin
▪Bob Dylan:Like Every Sparrow Falling
▪Daniel And Dylan:The True Story
▪Dylan And The Poetry Of John Donne:Catch A Falling Star
▪Bob Dylan And Tennessee Williams
▪Bob Dylan:Feelings Have Changed, A Previously Unknown Chapter
▪Bob Dylan:Tell Woody, Andy, John Henry, And Momma Mary
▪You May Be A Rocknroll Addict Prancing On The Stage
▪Saith Bob Dylan, By A Forked Tongue Be Not Enticed
▪Dylan’s Every Grain Of Sand Revisited
▪Dylan’s Every Grain Of Sand Revisited Part II
▪Bob Dylan And Angelina
▪Bob Dylan And Rastafarianism
▪Bob Dylan And Rastafarianism Part II:I And I
▪Bob Dylan:Giants In The Land Of Milk And Honey
▪Bob Dylan And Don Quixote Part II
▪The Not so Narrow Door That Leads To Dylan’s Door
▪Red River Sure:Bob Dylan And The Red River Valley
▪Stuck Inside Rome With The Jerusalem Blues Again
▪Mark Twain And Bob Dylan
▪Jezebel The Nun:Bob Dylan’s History As A Recurring Cycle
▪Bob Dylan Diagnosed With Dylaxia
▪Bob Dylan And Lord Buckley
▪Bob Dylan:The Angels Turned Aside
▪Damaino vs Dylan And The Issue Of Plagiarism
▪Bob Dylan:Roll On, William Yeats, Roll on
▪Bob Dylan And Cole Porter
▪Bob Dylan And Archibald MacLeish Part II
▪Bob Dylan And John Crowe Ransom
▪Bob Dylan And Stephen Crane
▪Bob Dylan And John Crowe Ransom Part II
▪Bob Dylan’s Idealization Of Women Part II:Lord Byron
▪Untold Exclusive:Dylan’s Lawyers Launch Massive Lawsuit
▪Bob Dylan:Truth, Beauty, And Goodness
▪Bob Dylan And Helen Jackson
▪Bob Dylan And Rainer Rilke
▪Bob Dylan And Rainer Rilke Part II
▪Bob Dylan And Rainer Rilke Part III:Rose As Symbol
▪Bob Dylan Brushes Upon His Junichi
▪Bob Dylan:The Highest Calling Of The Lord
▪Bob Dylan And Rainer Rilke Part IV:Step Lightly From The Ledge
▪Bob Dylan:Let Us Compare Mythologies
▪Bob Dylan:Thank You Very Much
▪Bob Dylan And The Greatest Story Ever Told
▪Bob Dylan:Christ As Casanova
▪Bob Dylan: Searching For Jesus
▪Bob Dylan And Lucifer
▪Bob Dylan And Edward Taylor
▪Bob Dylan And Emanuel Swedenborg
▪Bob Dylan And Emanuel Swedenborg Part II
▪If I Was A King:Bob Dylan For Dummies
▪Unreleased Dylan Lyrics Discovered In A Cave
▪Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud Part II
▪Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud Part III
▪Bob Dylan And The Cockroaches
▪Bob Dylan: Dogs And Gods
▪Bob Dylan And Euclid: Dogs And Gods Part II
▪The Trial Of The Century:Bob Dylan And Tony Attwood
▪Bob Dylan And John Keats
▪Bob Dylan And Bob Dylan Part II
▪Bob Dylan And John Keats Part III
▪Bob Dylan And The Devil
▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire
▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire Part II: The Jack Of Arts
▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire Part III
▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire Part IV
▪Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud Part IV
▪Bob Dylan: Paul Verlaine And Charles Perrault
▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire Part V:Handy Dandy
▪Bob Dylan: A Shot Of Love, Weaponry In Dylan’s Songs
▪Bob Dylan Talks About Time Travelling In Canada
▪Cinderella:From A Bunch Of Rushes To Desolation Row
▪Bob Dylan:Lord Thomas, Lady Brown, Fair Eleanor, And The Tin Angel
▪Time Travel With Bob Dylan In Canada Part II
▪Bob Dylan And Charles Darwin
▪Bob Dylan And Oscar Wilde
▪Bob Dylan And The Golden Loom
▪Bob Dylan’s She Belongs To Me, And Greek Mythology
▪Bob Dylan And Western Movies
▪Bob Dylan And Films Noir
▪Bob Dylan And Movies Continued
▪Bob Dylan And More Movies Of Despair
▪Movies And The Post Modernist Technique:Tight Connection To My Heart
▪Bob Dylan Sees The Real You At Last
▪Bob Dylan And Movies:Absolutely Sweet Marie
▪Bob Dylan At The Movies:Sweetheart Like You Part I
▪Bob Dylan At The Movies:Sweetheart Like You Part
▪Bob Dylan And The Children Of Paradise