Influences On Bob Dylan

This is a list of articles on the Influence upon Bob Dylan created by Larry Fyffe.

Over time I hope to put links to each article and maybe even go further with indexing, but as I have the list I thought I would put it up.  If you are seeking an article just type the title into the search box, omitting any apostrophes.  The search facility does not like apostrophes.


Latest article: Bob Dylan and the Symbols of Alchemy.  But is he a Gnostic?

Earlier articles in the series(in order of publication)

Bob Dylan and Alchemy

▪Figurative Language In Blood On The Tracks

“Bob Dylan: Clown Of Thorns”

Dylan’s Idealization Of Woman

Bob Dylan Disguised As Robin Hood

▪Bob Dylan And Symbolism

Bob Dylan Meets Dr. Freud

TS Eliot, Ezra Pound, And Bob Dylan

Macavity Was There:The Untold Dylan Tapes

Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink

The Mystery Of WH Solved

The Ballad Of Frankly And Joni

The Libel Case Of Bob Dylan And Bobbie Gentry

Time Out Of Mind: Bob Dylan Paints His Masterpiece

Shakespeare’s In The Well With His Pointed Claws

Bob Dylan And Post Modernism

Owed To Bobby Allen:A Joan Baez Revelation

The Tale Of The Wicked Messenger And The Faithful Servant

Bob Dylan Has His Blake And Keats It Too

Bob Dylan And Don Quixote

The Bobby Horror Picture Show

The Songs Of Bob Dylan And The Poems Of Dylan Thomas

The Browning Of The Green Mountain

Bob Dylan And Walt Whitman

Dylan And The Three Penny Opera

Bob The Ripper: Is Your Name Mary

Frederich Nietzsche, William Blake, And Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan:The Property of Jesus

It’s Not Dark Yet: Bob Dylan And Existentialism

▪Bob Dylan And Robert Graves

Bob Dylan And Gnosticism Part I

The Three Penny Opera Part II: Bob Dylan And WH Auden

Bob Dylan: Water  A Symbol Of Power

Bob Dylan Confronts Gothicism In The Ruins Of Your Balcony

Bob Dylan: Symbolism of Fire

Mother Earth And Bob Dylan

Air/Wind Symbolism In The Songs Of Bob Dylan

The Pain In The Window

Bob Dylan And The Rebellion Of The Devil

Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud

Bob Dylan And Paul Verlaine

Charles Swinburne, Wallace Stevens, And The Jack Of  Hearts

Bob Dylan And Archibald MacLeish

Bob Dylan And William Carlos Williams

Frost Fills The Window: Dylan’s Knocking On The Door

Bob Dylan And Carl Sandburg

Villon And Dylan

Dylan’s Other Speech

Bob Dylan And Carl Sandburg Part II

Dylan: Things Have Changed Or Have They

Bob Dylan And Percy Shelley

▪Bob Dylan: Threepenny Shelley

Bob Dylan And Literary Allusions

Bob Dylan And Literary Allusions part 2

Bob Dylan’s Got A Lot Of Gall

Under The Milkwood With Bob Dylan

Dylan’s Tempest; the Beggar’s Banquet;the Three Penny Opera

Bob Dylan And Andre Breton

Bob Dylan And Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Bob Dylan And Henry Timrod:The Country Coleridge Rambles

Bob Dylan And Allen Ginsberg

▪Untold’s Exclusive Interview With Bob Dylan

▪Bob Dylan And Samuel Coleridge

▪Bob Dylan And Edgar Allan Poe

▪Bob Dylan And Lord Tennyson

▪Bob Ulysses Disguised As Mack The Knife

▪Bob Dylan And Aeneas:The Greatest Troy Ever Sold

▪Bob Dylan’s Original Recipes And Cookbook

▪Bob Dylan And Hart Crane

▪Bob Dylan Talks About His Career As A Used Car Salesman

▪Bootleg Tape From New Dylan CD Christmas In The Heart

▪Dear Babby:An Advice Column For The Lovelorn

▪Bob Dylan’s Efforts At Tourist Promotion

▪Bob Dylan And Omar Khayyam

▪Listen To The Dylanesque Whistle Blowing

▪Roots In A Blues Ballad, Rhymes From The Romantic Poets

▪Bob Dylan And Rudyard Kipling

Bob Dylan And Omar Khayyam(Part II).

▪Bob Dylan And Geoffrey Chaucer:Thunder On The Mountain

▪Bob Dylan And Geoffrey Chaucer:The Death Of Pity

▪Bob Dylan And James Joyce

▪Bob Dylan: Fire And Desire, Love And Sex

▪Bob Dylan’s Trials And Tribulations Of Human Existence

▪Bob Dylan And Gregory Corso

▪Bob Dylan And Ray Bremser

▪Bob Dylan And The Heart Of Darkness

▪Bob Dylan And Lucian Ducasse: The Maldoror

▪Is Bob Dylan Good Or Bad

▪F. Scott Fitzgerald And Bob Dylan:The Great Gatsby

▪Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts:Revealing The Source

▪Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts Part II: Damon Runyon

▪Bob Dylan Introduces American Gothic To Folk Rock

▪Bob Dylan And Botticelli, DaVinci, Delacroix, Duchamp, Picasso, VanGogh

▪Bob Dylan And The Beat Poetry Of Vachel Lindsay

▪Bob Dylan And William Yeats: Heaven Blazing In My Head

▪Bob Dylan’s Messiah:Songs Of Light And Darkness

▪Bob Dylan And Edward Cummings: The Romantic Revival

▪Bob Dylan And Henry Longfellow Part I:Desire

▪Bob Dylan And Henry Longfellow:Conclusion

▪The BalIad Of Frankie And Bobbie:Bob Dylan And Frank Sinatra

▪Bob Dylan’s Songs Considered As Art For Art’s Sake

▪Bob Dylan And The Allegory

▪Bob Dylan And Gnosticism Part II:Johnannine Visions

▪Bob Dylan And Gnosticism Part III:The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene

▪Source Of Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts Part III

▪Lily O’Valley, Mary Magdalene, And The Jehovah Of Hearts:Bob Dylan

▪Bob Dylan And Catullus:Greek And Roman Mythology

▪Bob Dylan:Mixed-up Confusion

▪Bob Dylan:Songs Of Alchemy

▪Bob Dylan And Christian Gnosticism

▪The Gospel Of Bob Dylan

▪There’s A Slow Train Coming:Bob Dylan

▪The Stranger In Bob Dylan’s I And I

▪Bob Dylan Disguises Himself As Ezekiel Part I

▪Bob Dylan Disguises Himself As Ezekiel Part II

▪Bob Dylan Disguises Himself As Ezekiel Part III

▪Bob Dylan: Which Side Are You On

▪The Drunken Persian He Follows Me:Bob Dylan And Jeremiah

▪Bob Dylan As Isaiah

▪Joel And Dylan Change Attire

▪Thus Spake Robert Zarathustraman

▪Dylan Deconstructured:He’s Inside Out, Upside Down, Right Side Up

▪A Job Dylan Allegory: God To The Devil, Make My Day

▪Bob Dionysus Turns Into A Blood- Thirsty Lion

▪The Duquesne Whistle Blows That Love Is Not All In Vain

▪Zenon, Zanzinger, And Zimnerman In The North Country

▪Bob Dylan Rides The Northern Lights

▪Concerning Bob Dylan’s Conversion To Islam

▪Bob Dylan’s Ol’ Time Incongruous Cabin

▪Bob Dylan:Like Every Sparrow Falling

▪Daniel And Dylan:The True Story

▪Dylan And The Poetry Of John Donne:Catch A Falling Star

▪Bob Dylan And Tennessee Williams

▪Bob Dylan:Feelings Have Changed, A Previously Unknown Chapter

▪Bob Dylan:Tell Woody, Andy, John Henry, And Momma Mary

▪You May Be A Rocknroll Addict Prancing On The Stage

▪Saith Bob Dylan, By A Forked Tongue Be Not Enticed

▪Dylan’s Every Grain Of Sand Revisited

▪Dylan’s Every Grain Of Sand Revisited Part II

▪Bob Dylan And Angelina

▪Bob Dylan And Rastafarianism

▪Bob Dylan And Rastafarianism Part II:I And I

▪Bob Dylan:Giants In The Land Of Milk And Honey

▪Bob Dylan And Don Quixote Part II

▪The Not so Narrow Door That Leads To Dylan’s Door

▪Red River Sure:Bob Dylan And The Red River Valley

▪Stuck Inside Rome With The Jerusalem Blues Again

▪Mark Twain And Bob Dylan

▪Jezebel The Nun:Bob Dylan’s History As A Recurring Cycle

▪Bob Dylan Diagnosed With Dylaxia

▪Bob Dylan And Lord Buckley

▪Bob Dylan:The Angels Turned Aside

▪Damaino vs Dylan And The Issue Of Plagiarism

▪Bob Dylan:Roll On, William Yeats, Roll on

▪Bob Dylan And Cole Porter

▪Bob Dylan And Archibald MacLeish Part II

▪Bob Dylan And John Crowe Ransom

▪Bob Dylan And Stephen Crane

▪Bob Dylan And John Crowe Ransom Part II

▪Bob Dylan’s Idealization Of Women Part II:Lord Byron

▪Untold Exclusive:Dylan’s Lawyers Launch Massive Lawsuit

▪Bob Dylan:Truth, Beauty, And Goodness

▪Bob Dylan And Helen Jackson

▪Bob Dylan And Rainer Rilke

▪Bob Dylan And Rainer Rilke Part II

▪Bob Dylan And Rainer Rilke Part III:Rose As Symbol

▪Bob Dylan Brushes Upon His Junichi

▪Bob Dylan:The Highest Calling Of The Lord

▪Bob Dylan And Rainer Rilke Part IV:Step Lightly From The Ledge

▪Bob Dylan:Let Us Compare Mythologies

▪Bob Dylan:Thank You Very Much

▪Bob Dylan And The Greatest Story Ever Told

▪Bob Dylan:Christ As Casanova

▪Bob Dylan: Searching For Jesus

▪Bob Dylan And Lucifer

▪Bob Dylan And Edward Taylor

▪Bob Dylan And Emanuel Swedenborg

▪Bob Dylan And Emanuel Swedenborg Part II

▪If I Was A King:Bob Dylan For Dummies

▪Unreleased Dylan Lyrics Discovered In A Cave

▪Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud Part II

▪Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud Part III

▪Bob Dylan And The Cockroaches

▪Bob Dylan: Dogs And Gods

▪Bob Dylan And Euclid: Dogs And Gods Part II

▪The Trial Of The Century:Bob Dylan And Tony Attwood

▪Bob Dylan And John Keats

▪Bob Dylan And Bob Dylan Part II

▪Bob Dylan And John Keats Part III

▪Bob Dylan And The Devil

▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire

▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire Part II: The Jack Of Arts

▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire Part III

▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire Part IV

▪Bob Dylan And Arthur Rimbaud Part IV

▪Bob Dylan: Paul Verlaine And Charles Perrault

▪Bob Dylan And Charles Baudelaire Part V:Handy Dandy

▪Bob Dylan: A Shot Of Love, Weaponry In Dylan’s Songs

▪Bob Dylan Talks About Time Travelling In Canada

▪Cinderella:From A Bunch Of Rushes To Desolation Row

▪Bob Dylan:Lord Thomas, Lady Brown, Fair Eleanor, And The Tin Angel

▪Time Travel With Bob Dylan In Canada Part II

▪Bob Dylan And Charles Darwin

▪Bob Dylan And Oscar Wilde

▪Bob Dylan And The Golden Loom

▪Bob Dylan’s She Belongs To Me, And Greek Mythology

▪Bob Dylan And Western Movies

▪Bob Dylan And Films Noir

▪Bob Dylan And Movies Continued

▪Bob Dylan And More Movies Of Despair

▪Movies And The Post Modernist Technique:Tight Connection To My Heart

▪Bob Dylan Sees The Real You At Last

▪Bob Dylan And Movies:Absolutely Sweet Marie

▪Bob Dylan At The Movies:Sweetheart Like You Part I

▪Bob Dylan At The Movies:Sweetheart Like You Part

▪Bob Dylan And The Children Of Paradise