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Can’t find what you want?   One really good place to try for any information that we don’t carry, but which you are looking for, is here: http://www.bjorner.com/bob.htm

The “Why does Dylan like” series has been updated and is (more or less) complete.    See here.

The Dylan in Depth index has been updated – although it is still not complete.  See here.

Other indexes

With so many articles now on the site, we’ve created a series of indexes which hopefully will help you find your way around the site.  They are all listed at the top of the site under the pic of the trees and the vanishing road, but you might like particularly like to note these below.

But if there is something you are trying to find on this site and think a further index could help, please do drop me a line to Tony@schools.co.uk   Here are some details of a few of the indexes…

  • The alphabetical list of all the songs reviewed on this site can be found here.
  • Very much a work in progress is the “Influences on Bob Dylan” index – the index is fulsome, but many of the links have not yet been added – although you can search for the title of an article in the Search box top right.
  • We’ve also put the songs in the order of composition – see  “Dylan songs of the 60s” etc in the links under the picture above.
  • The latest index to be added is “Dylan’s favourites” which contains a growing set of reviews of songs composed by other people that Dylan himself plays, or has commented upon.
  • In the past we’ve done quite a bit of work talking about cover versions of Bob’s song and with this in mind you might enjoy  The 100 greatest cover versions of Dylan songs, ever
  • And one of my favourites is the list of  “Dylan’s lost songs and forgotten gems”.  There are some amazing tracks in that index, with lots of links to recordings of them.

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