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Bob Dylan’s Mercurial Masterpiece

We have been permitted to publish occasional chapters from Jochen Markhort’s book on Untold Dylan in the last year or so, but now a new edition of the volume has been published in English and German, and is available from Amazon.

Full details of the book, along with another extract are available on Untold, and I would urge you not just to read the extract, but also play the two musical examples.  I can promise you ain’t heard nothing like ’em.

Bob Dylan song 601!!!

Is an improvised piece, really a “song”.  That’s what we debate in the review of Dylan song 601 “Stoned on the mountain.” When is a Dylan song not a song?

You can see the full alphabetical list with links to the reviews on this site.  Our latest re-review is Where are you tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat): Chanson d’automne

Why does Dylan like

I have a particular affection for this series which Aaron invented, as it has proven to be a great way of understanding the influences on Bob Dylan’s music.  We’ve got nearly 40 articles in the series now, looking both at performers, and individual pieces of music.  And even if no one else has got much out of it, I’ve certainly learned a lot.

The latest article is Why does Dylan like the Stanley Brothers’ “White Dove”?  And if you want something totally different you could try the article on 1952 Vincent Black Lightning The broken link to the recording has been replaced and hearing the song still gives me goose bumps after all these years.  The complete index to the series is here.

The Never Ending Tour

The first four episodes of the series on the Never Ending Tour have been published – here they are with the latest edition at the top.

Bob Dylan and More Mythology

Quote of the Day:

Beyond here lies nothin’
But the mountains of the past

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The Indexes

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And the book…

We’ve published a second extract from Jochen’s remarkable new book  “Desolation Row”: the Ophelia-stanza.   Our first extract Desolation Row (part one): The origins of the title is also still available.    The volume is available in English and in Dutch, both as a paperback and on Kindle.  Details are on the UK Amazon site, or of course on the Amazon site for your country.  Just search for “Desolation Row” by Joch Markhorst.

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