“I don’t know what it means, either. But it sounds good.”


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Latest articles from the current series

The Never Ending Tour Extended: Comparing recordings of Dylan performing his compositions across the years.  The extraordinary journey of I and I

Covers We Missed 5: All I really want to do.

The lyrics and the music.   Looking at how Dylan’s music relates to his lyrics. Lenny Bruce is Dead

When I Paint My Masterpiece:  part 13:  I spent time with Bob. Got two words.

Once or twice: Songs that Bob has performed just once or twice on stage. A satisfied mind


Individual articles and recently concluded series…

Great Dylan years: 1994 part 2

The Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour conclusion: Love Sick and It Takes a Lot to Laugh

A Dylan cover a day: You gonna make me lonesome when you go

What you really don’t want:  “It ain’t me babe”

All I really want to do: What you really want

 High Water (for Charley Patton) part 25: 653 10th Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown Manhattan    The series is concluded and an index to previous articles can be found in this article.

The Never Ending Tour: The End.  2019 part 4: Virgil’s farewell: It’s not dark yet

Other people’s songs: Performances by Dylan of traditional songs, and those written by others with explorations of their origins.   Ragged & Dirty

The Never Ending Tour – the absolute highlight– a totally personal view of some of the best moments from across the decades.   Every Grain of Sand

Dylanesque –  songs that are comparable to or inspired by the music of Dylan: Dylanesque: The Alpha Band.  (Beware; the commentator goes totally over the top)

Dylan’s Opening Lines:   A return to a theme we last looked at eight years or so ago.  The final update taking us to over 100 opening lines is now published.   Dylan’s 114 greatest opening lines: completing the list

Dylan’s Favourite songs: Bob has revealed the songs he likes the most, and we are taking a look at them, one at a time.  The series is complete and the final article (including an index to the series) is  Join Me in LA.

Album artwork:  unique series that investigates with illustrations the stories behind Dylan’s album covers.  Plus of course the in-depth investigations into individual Bob Dylan songs, some of which have since been republished as books, available from Amazon.  Most recent: Shadows in the Night

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What Rolling Stone had to say about Untold Dylan

“Tell Ol’ Bill” is a favorite among hardcore Dylan fans like Tony Attwood at Untold Dylan, who called it “one of Dylan’s two greatest works of all time” and wrote a fascinating piece tracing its origins through several bootleg versions. As documented there, the singer tried a few approaches, from one version that echoes the groove of “Thunder on the Mountain” to another that’s more reminiscent of “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry.” “Gradually,” Attwood writes, “Dylan moves towards the masterpiece that we have come to know.”

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