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The Never Ending Tour: the audio guide

Going right back to the start of the Never Ending Tour, what Dylan played, how he re-worked the pieces, with fulsome audio recordings, from the start onwards.   Coming to Untold Dylan very, very shortly.

Continuing Jochen Markhorst’s series of in-depth reviews

Dylan at the end of the 60s.

mr tambourine contemplates Bob’s next album, and the tour

Larry Fyffe’s musings on the sources of Bob Dylan’s inspirations

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Regular Untold Dylan author Jochen Markhorst has a new book out (in English) which is available via Kindle and as a paperback through Amazon.

You can get the Kindle edition here and the paperback version here. 

An extract from the book will appear on Untold Dylan in a few days time.  You can also read about Jochen’s latest book on the Basement Tapes in Dutch here.  (Which is to say that the book is in Dutch, not the Basement Tapes themselves.)

Updated contents and indexes

The Influences on Bob Dylan page has been updated with all the most recent articles.  I’ve not had a chance to add links each time, but if you type in the title of any wanted article in the search box top right under the picture, omitting any apostrophes or other punctuation, it usually finds it for you.

Our indexes are never totally up to day but I’ve recently done some work on updating these indexes, in each case with details of recent articles added.

Other highlights you might have missed

The Great Trek:  We have now completed the task we set out to undertake over 10 years ago of writing at least one review of every single song that Bob Dylan composed or co-composed, of which there is a recording available either on a record or on the internet.  In fact many songs contain two reviews from very different perspectives.

You can see a list of the songs with links to the reviews in alphabetical order and we have also put them in chronological order (as far as is possible given the often contradictory information available – but do note we try and list songs in the order written, not in the order recorded or released.)

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