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Complete list of all Dylan songs

This has now reached 627 songs with the addition of Price of Love – which has just had the lyrics added to the review.  The alphabetical index of all the Dylan compositions we know about is here.

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  • Other people’s songs – how Dylan and others have covered the work of different composers
  • Dylan Cover a Day: no longer published each day but still looking at the very best cover versions of Dylan’s work.
  • Till I fell in love with you: the song reviewed in depth
  • Bob Dylan and The Fighting Irish
  • Bob Dylan’s recordings of songs written by other people
  • The Never Ending Tour – over 90 episodes published to date
  • Bob Dylan and Jezebel
  • The Crimson King series
  • Red River Shore
  • The lost Dylan Bromberg sessions
  • Dirt Road Blues
  • The mysteries of Bob
  • Dylan released and unreleased
  • Why does Dylan like…?
  • The art work of Bob Dylan’s albums
  • Dylan re-writes Dylan
  • Dylan’s nominations and awards
  • Specials and Retrospectives

What Rolling Stone had to say about Untold Dylan

“Tell Ol’ Bill” is a favorite among hardcore Dylan fans like Tony Attwood at Untold Dylan, who called it “one of Dylan’s two greatest works of all time” and wrote a fascinating piece tracing its origins through several bootleg versions. As documented there, the singer tried a few approaches, from one version that echoes the groove of “Thunder on the Mountain” to another that’s more reminiscent of “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry.” “Gradually,” Attwood writes, “Dylan moves towards the masterpiece that we have come to know.”

Thank you Rolling Stone.  I knew you’d find us one day – Tony

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