Bob Dylan on this day: 16 April

Bob Dylan on this Day

I thought I might try a little experiment and search for anything I could find related to Bob Dylan on 16 April.   It took much longer than I expected to find things, and I am not 100% sure of all the entries.

But it was an interesting exercise, and I might repeat it for future days.

16 April 1962, Bob Dylan played a five song set at Gerde’s Folk City in New York, including Deep Ellem Blues, Honey just allow me one more chance, Talkin New York, Corrina Corrina and Blowin in the Wind.  It was the first live performance of Blowin in the Wind and the first and last performance of Corrina Corrina and the first for Honey just allow me.  It was also the first performance of Talking New York.

16 April 1966: Bob Dylan played Sydney Boxing Arena, in Australia.  The event is omitted from some lists of Dylan concerts, and Wiki suggests Dylan actually played two concerts on this day.

16 April 1983: Bob Dylan took part in a recording session at Power Station, New York produced by Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan, including six takes of “Someone’s got a hold of my heart”

16 April 1992: Dylan’s first live performance of Sally Sue Brown.  It was only performed once more.

16 April 2001: “Bob Dylan Blues” by Syd Barrett released in the UK.  Recorded in 1970 and written in 1965 this song was thought lost until it turned up in a collection of tapes held by David Gilmour and released on “The Best of Syd Barrett”

16 April 2016: Four song EP “Melancholy Mood” released (at least in Japan).

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