The Untold Dylan open discussion group on Facebook

It has for a long while bothered me that there is nowhere on this site for issues that fall outside the boundaries of the songs reviewed or the specific topics that have been brought up by friends of the site.

Of course if you feel there should be an article or series on a specific topic you can email me as always, but I wanted to see if there was any benefit in having a broader forum.

So I have created an Untold Dylan discussion group on Facebook.

At this moment I am the only member but I am hoping others will find it (just search for Untold Dylan) and maybe bring up issues that are on their minds vis a vis Dylan but which do not get mentioned within the confines of discussions on what is already on the site.

If you do find the group and want to encourage others to join, please do tell people, and write something.

Tony Attwood


  1. I searched Untold Dylan, but didn’t find the group. Thank you.

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