The King of France; She’s on my mind again. Bob Dylan become incomprehensible

By Tony Attwood

The King of France, Track 9 of disc six on the Basement Complete is another song in which Bob has a roughly worked out chord sequence, and an idea for a song – the King of France goes to the USA and appears to have various misadventures.

It is very hard to work out the lyrics although the melody itself develops quite nicely over time as the Dylan on keyboards gets some accompaniment from his pals, but I think overall this is another approach to the nonsense story line of Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream but not at all as well worked out.

The French monarchy ended in 1792 as part of the French Revolution which began in 1789, although the line continues as pretenders to the throne and has reached Louis XX, who is Louis Alphonse, Duke of Anjou.

The chord sequence behind the song is nothing special – everything would come from the lyrics if the song were to be developed – as was the case with the 115th Dream.

Track 10 on the same CD is “She’s on my mind again.”  Again the recording is very poor, but this sounds more worked out.  It’s got a sad, regretful sound as you might expect.  The format is verse-verse-verse without any break.  The surprise at the end of each verse is the movement to the chord of the minor 6th (A minor if you were playing in C) which instantly transfers back into the start of the next verse without any pause.  It’s not a very common technique for Bob.

Rather unexpectedly there is a version sung in Japanese on YouTube

The lyrics in English could be something like this for the first few verses…

Morning rose and dangle me
I’m notified but she don’t cost me
She’s on my way she goes
Anyway she want to try

Don’t believe away too long 
Go make me from my head gone
She don’t mind at all the way she goes
Happen in a fall

Raining’s on my open way

Ah you tried to holler too hard
Tried to loosen its on my bail
Ending in the summertime

Molly loses all my pay
No babe don’t listen on every day 
She’s on my mind, she’s all
Ready for the morning time

It continues in a similar way for quite a few more verses but without a clue as to what the words really are or what the theme of the song is, I have found it beyond me to put in the lyrics.  If you can work it out please do submit and you’ll get a full recognition.

Although to tell you the truth, I don’t think it matters.  It is just the idea of the chords and the opening line and after that it is make it up as we go along.

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  1. Pretty sure all the lyrics are simply made up on the hoof, dummy lyrics. I won’t have got them all, but I’ve got enough to know there isn’t the possibility of a meaningful composition; as close as can be ascertained –

    She’s on my mind again

    Honey rolling dank on me
    I lost a body but ya don’t lost me
    She don’t mind where she goin’-
    Anyway she wanna try.

    I may laze away too long
    I bought me some, but my head’s gone
    Let that teach ya, oh, away she blows-
    Happening of course.

    Maenads on my old man, hey, ha
    He drags a hard daddy loads, oh my,
    Hope that is on my bail,
    Ending in the summertime.

    Molly loses all my pain
    I bathed the lids on on the lemperin strain,
    She’s all my mind, she’s all
    Fading for the morning time.

    I hope when we go down next month
    She’s all that I tell you, she stays in front
    Sugar bank is on by ball,
    No, it is not the morning time.

    Rainy time a-comes a-once a year
    She got a hold me deport her walking down my beer
    She’s morning got my wrong
    Ain’t got a summertime.

    Well, each man I lost start away tonight
    Oh Lord she comes, it’s what would may night
    She’s all men but she’s soft-
    Ready some old time.

    Now all my troubles and my pastry ball
    Kitchen up Molly ripped down a roar,
    She’s all my wedding tabard
    I gonna pack ’em on a rainy sea.

    Oh, ran ‘cus ’em once but a twos, they mar
    One time easy, but it’s two time one,
    It’s all there kitschy praise she comes,
    Anybody but her knows.

    Yeah, once a week I had been on my way
    To come on from a Mrs O.V. Gray,
    She ‘s on my mind, she’s all,
    She’s on my mind, you know.

    Yeah, when I reach tin comes for me to go down
    Vossin Avenue where everybody else goes down
    See when all the bulls ok,
    Why isn’t that a conker game?

    Well, once may living but the time of day
    Is all too stoned, buddy walk away,
    Bye bye, doll may even got my ball,
    Anyway you wanna go.

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