Alphabetical index of Dylan’s songs

Complete song review index in alphabetical order

The most recent additions of recently discovered older songs are below.  Rough and rowdy ways tracks are being added step by step.

And thus we seem to have completed our task for reviewing every song composed by Bob Dylan (either alone or with a fellow songwriter) of which we can find a recording.  Along the way (especially in the early years of this site) we included a few songs that were not written by Dylan and these are now listed at the end of the list below.

There is a point to clarify here however, regarding Dylan’s official web site.  For example, regarding “Corrina Corrina” the official site says “Written by Bob Dylan (arr)”.   My view is that he did not write it, and so it should not be listed in this way.  An arrangement (“arr”) is not the same as a composition.

Song titles starting with the definite article are listed under “The” rather than the second word of the title, as is sometimes the case in indexes.  If you spot a mistake please write to

Tony Attwood

  1. 2×2 (See also Dylan On Dylan)
  2. 26 Storeys High
  3. 10,000 men
  4. Abandoned Love
  5. Absolutely Sweet Marie   (See also Bob Dylan meet Mr Freud and Owed to Bobby Allen)
  6. Ain’t gonna grieve.  
  7. Ain’t gonna go to hell for anybody
  8. Ain’t talkin’ 
  9. Almost Done (Angel of Rain)
  10. Almost Persuaded
  11. All along the watch tower
  12. All I really want to do
  13. All over you
  14. All the tired horses
  15. All the way down
  16. All you have to do is dream
  17. Angelina   See also   Angelina: the alternative view
  18. Any Time
  19. Apple Suckling Tree
  20. Are you ready?
  21. As I rode out one morning
  22. As I went out one morning
  23. As we sailed into Skibreen
  24. Baby coming back from the dead
  25. Baby I’m in the mood for you
  26. Baby Stop Crying
  27. Baby won’t you be my baby
  28. Ballad for a friend
  29. Ballad in Plain D
  30. Ballad of a thin man  (See also Bob Dylan meet Mr Freud)
  31. The Ballad of Donald White
  32. Ballad of Easy Rider
  33. The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest,
  34. Ballad of Hollis Brown
  35. The Ballad of the Gliding Swan
  36. Beyond here lies nothing
  37. Beyond the Horizon
  38. Band of the Hand (It’s hell time man)
  39. Big Dog
  40. Billy 1, 4, and 7 and the Main title theme – Billy the Kid
  41. Blind Willie McTell   See also The Arrows They Are A-flying
  42. Black Crow Blues
  43. Black Diamond Bay – original review    Black Diamond Bay – alternative review
  44. Black Rider (The Black Rider)
  45. Blessed is the name of the lord
  46. Blowing in the wind 
  47. Bob Dylan’s Blues 
  48. Bob Dylan’s Dream
  49. Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream  See also La Mancha Is Blowing In The Wind
  50. Bonnie Why’d You Cut My Hair
  51. Boots of Spanish Leather
  52. Born in Time
  53. Borrowed Time
  54. Bring it on home
  55. Brownsville Girl
  56. Buckets of Rain  See also “Figurative Language in Blood on the Tracks”
  57. Bye and bye
  58. California
  59. Call Letter Blues
  60. Can you please crawl out your window?
  61. Can’t escape from you
  62. Can’t Wait  See also Bob Dylan Paints his Masterpiece
  63. Card Shark
  64. Caribbean Wind
  65. Cat’s in the Well  See also Shakespeare’s In The Well
  66. Catfish
  67. Champaign, Illinois
  68. Changing of the Guards
  69. Changing of the Guards and the Tarot
  70. Chimes of Freedom   See also The Arrows They Are A-flying and The Bobby Horror Picture Show
  71. City of Gold
  72. Clean Cut Kid
  73. Clothes Line Saga   See also The Libel Case Of “Bob Dylan vs Bobbie Gentry” Settles Out Of Court
  74. Cold Irons Bound   See also Bob Dylan Paints his Masterpiece
  75. Coming from the Heart (with Helena Springs)
  76. Congratulations
  77. Cool Dry Place
  78. Covenant Woman
  79. Cover Down
  80. Crash on the Levee (Down in the Flood)
  81. Cross the Green Mountain
  82. Cry a while
  83. Country Pie  See also Shakespeare’s In The Well  and also Bob Dylan meet Mr Freud
  84. Cuban Missile Crisis
  85. Dark Eyes
  86. Day of the locusts
  87. Dead Man, Dead Man.
  88. Dear Landlord
  89. Death of Emmett Till
  90. Death is not the end
  91. Definitively Van Gough
  92. Denise Denise
  93. Desolation Row Revisited: (2018 review)   Desolation Row – original review.   See also Bob Dylan and Tennessee Williams: there is no escape   And also Champaign, Illinois: A Dylan song and a re-write of Desolation Row you ought to hear.   Also Bob Dylan Under the Big Top  and also The Ghosts Of Electricity  and also See also Fighting in the captain’s tower and The Bobby Horror Picture Show
  94. Diamond Ring
  95. Dignity
  96. Dirge
  97. Dirt Road Blues  See also Bob Dylan Paints his Masterpiece
  98. Dirty Lie
  99. Dirty World
  100. Disease of Conceit
  101. Do right to me baby
  102. Don’t ever take yourself away
  103. Don’t fall apart on me tonight
  104. Don’t let anyone write your story
  105. Don’t Take Everybody to be your friend
  106. Don’t tell him. 
  107. Don’t think twice
  108. Don’t ya tell Henry
  109. Don’t you try me now
  110. Dope Fiend Robber
  111. Down along the cove
  112. Down on the bottom
  113. Down by the station
  114. Down in the Flood (Crash on the levee)
  115. Down the Highway
  116. Dreamin of You
  117. Dress it up, Better have it all: Dylan’s incomprehensible song transcribed.
  118. Drifter’s Escape
  119. Drifting too far from shore
  120. Duncan and Jimmy 
  121. Dusty Old Fairgrounds
  122. Duquesne Whistle
  123. Early Roman Kings
  124. Edge of the Ocean
  125. Emotionally yours
  126. Enough is enough
  127. Eternal Circle
  128. Every grain of Sand  See also Bob Dylan Has His Blake And Keats It Too
  129. Everything is broken
  130. False Prophet
  131. Farewell
  132. Farewell Angelina
  133. Father of night
  134. Find Me
  135. Floater (Too much to ask)
  136. Florida Key
  137. Foot of Pride
  138. For you baby
  139. Forever Young – Tony’s review    See also Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink: Spinning Reels Of Rhyme    And   Forever Young – Dearbhla’s thoughts
  140. Forgetful Heart
  141. Fourth Time Around
  142. From a Buick 6
  143. Fur Slippers
  144. Gates of Eden
  145. Get your rocks off: the origins, the meanings and the future of Bob Dylan’s song
  146. Girl from the North Country
  147. Give him my all.  (Possible Dylan co-composition)
  148. George Jackson
  149. Go away you bomb
  150. Going back to Rome
  151. Gone but not forgotten. The only place you will find the lyrics to this Dylan song
  152. Go Way Little Boy
  153. God Knows
  154. Going Going Gone
  155. Goodbye Holly
  156. Golden Loom
  157. Golden Tom Silver Judas
  158. Gonna Change my Way of Thinking
  159. Gonna Get You Now
  160. Goodbye Jimmy Reed
  161. Got My Mind Made Up  See also The Libel Case Of “Bob Dylan vs Bobbie Gentry” Settles Out Of Court
  162. Gotta Serve Somebody
  163. Gypsy Lou
  164. Had a dream about you baby
  165. Hallelujah
  166. Handle with care
  167. Handy Dandy  see also Shakespeare’s In The Well 
  168. Hard Rain’s a gonna fall  See also The Bobby Horror Picture Show and Bob Dylan Under the Big Top
  169. Hard times in New York Town
  170. Hazel
  171. Heading for the Light
  172. Heart of Mine
  173. Heartland 
  174. Hero Blues
  175. Hidee Hidee Ho #11 and #16. 
  176. High Away (Ah ah ah)
  177. High Water (for Charley Patton)
  178. Highlands   See also The Arrows They Are A-flying and Bob Dylan Paints his Masterpiece
  179. Highway 61 Revisited
  180. Home
  181. Honest with Me
  182. Honey just allow me one more chance
  183.  Huck’s Tune / When the deal goes down
  184. Howlin at your window.
  185. Hurricane
  186. I am a lonesome hobo
  187. I and I   See also The Stranger In Bob Dylan’s ‘I And I’ And  I and I – an alternative vision
  188. I believe in you
  189. I can’t come in with a broken heart
  190. I can’t leave her behind
  191. I can’t make it alone
  192. I contain multitudes
  193. I don’t believe you (She acts like we never have met)
  194. I don’t want to do it
  195. I dreamed I saw St Augustine  See also Deadwood and Deadman
  196. I feel a change coming on
  197. I got a new girl
  198. I must love you too much  See also Bob Dylan Has His Blake And Keats It Too
  199. I once knew a man
  200. I pity the poor immigrant 
  201. I see you around and around
  202. I shall be free
  203. I shall be free number 10.
  204. I shall be released
  205. I threw it all away  See also The Libel Case Of “Bob Dylan vs Bobbie Gentry” Settles Out Of Court
  206. I wanna be your lover
  207. I want you
  208. I want you to know I love you
  209. I was young when I left home
  210. I will love Him
  211. I’d hate to be you on that dreadful day
  212. I’d have you anytime
  213. I’m your teenage prayer
  214. I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You.
  215. Inside Out
  216. If I don’t be there by morning
  217. If I was a king
  218. If you belonged to me (With the Wilburys)
  219. If you want my love
  220. I’ll remember you
  221. I’ll keep it with mine
  222. I’m ready for love
  223. Idiot Wind  See also “Figurative Language in Blood on the Tracks”
  224. If dogs run free
  225. If not for you
  226. If you ever go to Houston
  227. If you gotta go, go now
  228. If you see her say hello
  229. I’ll be your baby tonight (original) I’ll be your baby tonight (second thoughts)
  230. I’m alright
  231. I’m not there
  232. In the garden
  233. In the summertime
  234. Is it worth it?
  235. Is your love in vain?
  236. Isis
  237. It ain’t me babe
  238. I got a new girl
  239. It takes a lot to laugh
  240. It’s all good
  241. It’s all over now baby blue
  242. It’s all right ma – 2015 review.   It’s all right ma – 2013 review
  243. It’s the flight of the Bumblebee
  244. I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You. 
  245. I want you
  246. Jack o Diamonds
  247. Jammin Me
  248. Jesus is the one
  249. Jelly Bean
  250. Jet Pilot
  251. Joey
  252. John Brown
  253. John Wesley Harding   See also “The argument against” and Deadwood and Deadman
  254. Jokerman
  255. Jolene
  256. Julius and Ethel
  257. Just like a woman
  258. Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues
  259. Kansas City
  260. King of Kings
  261. The King of France
  262. Kingsport Town
  263. Knocking on heaven’s door  See also Bob Dylan Paints his Masterpiece
  264. Last night
  265. Lay Down Your Weary Tune   See also My Ruth’s in the Highlands
  266. Lay Lady Lay
  267. Legionnaire’s Disease
  268. Lenny Bruce is Dead
  269. Leopard skin pill-box hat
  270. Let me die in my footsteps
  271. Let me come baby. 
  272. Let’s keep it between us
  273. Liberty Street
  274. License to kill
  275. Life is hard
  276. Like a Rolling Stone  See also Bob Dylan Under the Big Top
  277. Like a Ship
  278. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts    See also The Ghosts Of Electricity: Bob Dylan And Symbolism.  And also Source Of Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts (Part III) and there again Lily O’Valley, Mary Magdalena, and The Jehovah of Hearts: Bob Dylan mixes up the medicine
  279. Listen Robert Moses
  280. Liverpool Gal
  281. Living the blues
  282. Lock Your Door
  283. Lo and behold
  284. Lonesome Day Blues
  285. Long Ago Far Away
  286. Long and Wasted Years
  287. Long distance operator
  288. Lord protect my child   See also The Arrows They Are A-flying and also Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink: Spinning Reels Of Rhyme and Bob Dylan Has His Blake 
  289. Long Time Gone
  290. Lost on the River
  291. Love is just a four letter word
  292. Love is only mine
  293. Love Minus Zero  See also La Mancha Is Blowing In The Wind and The Bobby Horror Picture Show
  294. Love Rescue Me
  295. Love Sick
  296. Making a liar out of me
  297. Maybe someday  See also Bob Dylan: Maybe Someday You’ll Understand
  298. Magic
  299. Maggie’s Farm
  300. Make you feel my love
  301. Mama you been on my mind
  302. Man Gave Names to all the Animals
  303. Man of Peace
  304. Man in the Long Black Coat
  305. Man on the Street
  306. Marchin to the city
  307. Married to my hack
  308. Mary Lou I love You Too
  309. Masters of War
  310. Medicine Sunday
  311. Meet me in the Morning  See also “Figurative Language in Blood on the Tracks” and Meet Me In The Morning: at dawn at 56th and Wabasha
  312. Million dollar bash
  313. Million Miles
  314. Minstrel Boy
  315. Mississippi (Tell Tale Signs) – reworked March 2015 & October 2018 with live versions
  316. Mixed up confusion
  317. Money Blues
  318. Moonlight:   See also My Ruth’s in the Highlands”
  319. More than Flesh and Blood (with a transcription of the lyrics)
  320. Most likely you go your way and I’ll go mine
  321. Most of the time
  322. Mother of Muses
  323. Motorpsycho Nightmare
  324. Moving on the water
  325. Mozambique
  326. Mr Tambourine Man  – the original review.  Also…    Mr Tambourine Man: the origins, the music, the meaning, the death knell.   See also Bob Dylan Under the Big Top and La Mancha Is Blowing In The Wind and The Bobby Horror Picture Show
  327. Murder Most Foul
  328. My back pages     See also  Bob Dylan’s “My Back Pages”. He was so much older then
  329. My Oriental Home
  330. My own version of you
  331. My wife’s home town
  332. My Woman She’s a Leavin’.
  333. Narrow Way
  334. Need a woman
  335. Neighbourhood Bully   and   “Neighbourhood Bully: the heart of the matter”
  336. Nettie Moore
  337. Never gonna be the same again
  338. Never Say Goodbye
  339. New Dansville Girl
  340. New Blue Moon
  341. New Morning
  342. New Orleans Rag (also known as Bob Dylan’s New Orleans Rag)
  343. New Pony
  344. Next time on the Highway
  345. Ninety miles an hour down a dead end street
  346. No man righteous
  347. Nobody Cept You  See also Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink: Spinning Reels Of Rhyme and Bob Dylan Has His Blake And Keats It Too
  348. North Country Blues
  349. Northern Claim
  350. Nothing here worth dying for
  351. Nothing to it
  352. Nothing was delivered 
  353. No time to think
  354. Not Dark Yet – latest revision August 2016   See also Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink: Spinning Reels Of Rhyme   and also Billy, Mistress Mary, And The Queen Of Hues: The Mystery Of W.H., Solved!   And again Not Dark Yet as poetry
  355. Nowhere to go
  356. Obviously Five Believers  See also Bob Dylan Under the Big Top
  357. Odds and Ends
  358. Oh, Sister
  359. On a Rocking Boat
  360. On a night like this
  361. On a rainy afternoon (from the hotel room) (Note 1 below)
  362. On a rainy afternoon (from Basement Tapes complete disc 6)
  363. On the road again    On the Road Again as part of a sequence of songs,
  364. On Wisconsin
  365. One eyed Jacks
  366. One for the road
  367. One’s Man’s Loss
  368. One more cup of coffee
  369. One more night
  370. One more weekend
  371. One of us must know
  372. One too many mornings
  373. Only a hobo
  374. Only a pawn in their game
  375. Open the Door Homer  See also Listen To The Dylanesque Whistle Blowing
  376. Outlaw Blues,   See also Bob Dylan alias the outlaw.
  377. Oxford Town
  378. Paths of Victory
  379. “Patty’s gone to Laredo”: The torment Bob Dylan gives us poor fans
  380. Pay in Blood
  381. Peggy Day
  382. Percy’s Song
  383. Pledging my Time
  384. Please Mrs Henry   (See also Bob Dylan meet Mr Freud)
  385. Po Boy: a walk through the heritage of American culture with Bob Dylan
  386. Poor Boy Blues
  387. Political World
  388. Poor House
  389. Positively Fourth Street – See also Billy, Mistress Mary, And The Queen Of Hues: The Mystery Of W.H., Solved!
  390. Precious Angel
  391. Pressing on
  392. Pretty Mary
  393. Property of Jesus
  394. Queen Jane Approximately  See also Bob Dylan Under the Big Top
  395. Quick like a flash
  396. Quinn the Eskimo – The Mighty Quinn
  397. Quit your Lowdown Ways
  398. Rainy Day Women
  399. Ramblin Down Thru the World
  400. Ramblin Gamblin Willie
  401. Red River Shore
  402. Responsibility
  403. Restless Farewell   See also The Arrows They Are A-flying
  404. Ride This Train. 
  405.  Right Hand Road Blues
  406. Ring Them Bells
  407. Rita May
  408. Rock em dead
  409. Rocks and Gravel
  410. Roll on John See also The Arrows They Are A-flying and Bob Dylan Has His Blake
  411. Roll on Train
  412. Rollin and Tumblin  And also  Rollin’ and tumblin’ / Someday Baby:  Bob Dylan and how women always will get in the way
  413. Romance in Durango
  414. Running
  415. “Sad Eyed Lady”. The sound of 3am captured as never before.   See also  Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands  and Bob Dylan Paints his Masterpiece
  416. Sara
  417. Sarah Jane
  418. Santa Cruz
  419. Sante Fe
  420. Saved
  421. Saving Grace
  422. Scarlet Town.  See also Shakespeare’s In The Well and also Billy, Mistress Mary, And The Queen Of Hues: The Mystery Of W.H., Solved!and Dylan On Dylan.  And Scarlet Town: Tracing Dylan’s song from Pepys to Barbara Allen and The Byrds
  423. See you later Allen Ginsberg (1 and 2). 
  424. See by Faith – also known as Stand by Faith
  425. Seeing the real you at last
  426. Señor,(Tales of Yankee Power) 
  427. Series of Dreams
  428. Seven Curses
  429. Seven Days
  430. Seven Deadly Sins
  431. Shake
  432. Shake Shake Mama
  433. She Belongs to Me  see also The Libel Case Of “Bob Dylan vs Bobbie Gentry” Settles Out Of Court and “She Belongs to Me – the reinterpretation of Greek Mythology”
  434. She’s my baby
  435. She’s on my mind again. 
  436. She’s your lover now
  437. Shelter from the storm  See also “Figurative Language in Blood on the Tracks”
  438. Shooting Star  and also Shhooting Star and Jimi Hendrix
  439. Shot of Love
  440. Sign Language
  441. Sign on the cross
  442. Sign on the window
  443. Silent Weekend
  444. Silvio
  445. Simple Twist of Fate  See also “Figurative Language in Blood on the Tracks”  and also Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink and Bob Dylan Has His Blake   And Simple Twist Of Fate: ambiguous, on the move, ever changing
  446. Sitting on a barbed wire fence
  447. Slow Train
  448. Solid Rock
  449. Someday Baby – Modern Times.  And also Someday Baby – Tell Tale Signs.  Also also Someday Baby / Rollin’ and tumblin’ / Bob Dylan and how women always will get in the way
  450. Someone’s got a hold of my heart
  451. Something there is about you.  See also My Ruth’s in the Highlands”
  452. Something’s burning baby
  453. Song to Bonny
  454. Song to Woodie
  455. Soon After Midnight
  456. Spanish Harlem Incident
  457. Spanish Mary
  458. Spirit on the water:
  459. Standing in the doorway  See also Bob Dylan Paints his Masterpiece
  460. Standing on the highway
  461. Steel Bars 
  462. Steel and Feathers (Completed by Nikki Jean)
  463. Straight A’s in Love
  464. Stoned on the mountain
  465. Stop now updated with link to the song
  466. Stranger (NBT)
  467. Street Rock
  468. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again   See also My Ruth’s in the Highlands”   And also Billy, Mistress Mary, And The Queen Of Hues: The Mystery Of W.H., Solved!
  469. Subterranean Homesick Blues – updated March 2015.  See also Fighting in the captain’s tower
  470. Sugar Baby
  471. Summer Days (“Love and Theft”)
  472. Sweet Amerillo
  473. Sweetheart like you
  474. Take it or leave it
  475. Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues.  See also La Mancha Is Blowing In The Wind
  476. Talkin Devil 
  477. Talkin Folklore Centre Blues
  478. Talkin Hava Negeilah blues
  479. Talking Hugh Brown
  480. Talkin’ John Birch Society Blues (Paranoid Blues)
  481. Talkin New York 
  482. Talkin’ World War III Blues
  483. Tangled up in blue   “Figurative Language in Blood on the Tracks”  and also  The Ghosts Of Electricity: Bob Dylan And Symbolism.  Also Tangled Up in Blue: the “Real Live” version
  484. Tears of Rage
  485. Telephone Wire
  486. Tell me 
  487. Tell Me Momma
  488. Tell me it isn’t true
  489. Tell me the truth one time (with Helena Springs)
  490. Tell Ol’ Bill   See also Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink: Spinning Reels Of Rhyme    Also  Tell Ol Bill: roots in a blues ballad, rhymes from the Romantic poets
  491. Tempest    See also Fighting in the captain’s tower  and Deadwood and Deadman
  492. Temporary Like Achilles
  493. That’s the breaks
  494. The Devil’s been busy.
  495. The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Alter
  496. The Levee’s Gonna Break.  See also The Levee’s Gonna Break / Rain on Love. Reconsidering Dylan’s song.
  497. The Love that Faded (Hank Williams and Bob Dylan).
  498. The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
  499. The Man in Me
  500. The Spanish Song
  501. The Times they are a-Changing
  502. The Very Thought of You
  503. The Wandering Kind updated with link to the song
  504. The Wicked Messenger  See also The Tale Of The Wicked Messenger And The Faithful Servant
  505. Thief on the cross
  506. Things have changed.   See also Things have changed: Bob Dylan and chronocentrism;  Dylan: Things have changed, or have they?; Things have changed: the meanings behind Bob Dylan’s song
  507. Bob Dylan’s ultimate message: there is nothing you can do, nothing will be changed.
  508. This a-way that a-way
  509. This Dream of You
  510. This Wheel’s on Fire
  511. Three Angels
  512. Thunder on the Mountain   See also Thunder on the Mountain: It’s a cruel world in Bob Dylan’s song.
  513. Time to end this Masquerade
  514. Trouble in Mind
  515. Tight Connection to my heart
  516. Til I fell in love with you
  517. Time passes slowly  – revised 30 August 2015.
  518. Tin Angel
  519. Tiny Montgomery 
  520. To be alone with you
  521. To fall in love with you
  522. To Ramona
  523. Tombstone Blues  See also La Mancha Is Blowing In The Wind
  524. Tomorrow is a long time
  525. Tonight I’ll be Staying Here With You
  526. Too Much of Nothing – revised 4 October 2016
  527. Touchy Situation
  528. Tough Mama
  529. Tragedy of the Trade
  530. Train a Travellin. 
  531. Trouble
  532. Troubled and I Don’t Know Why
  533. Trying to get to heaven  See also Bob Dylan Paints his Masterpiece
  534. True Love Tends to Forget
  535. Trust Yourself
  536. Try me little girl
  537. TV Talking Song
  538. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
  539. Tweeter and the Monkey Man
  540. Two dollars and 99 cents: Bob Dylan does the barroom blues. And how.
  541. Ugliest girl in the world: co-written by Bob Dylan
  542. Unbelievable  See also Bob Dylan Has His Blake  and The Land Of Milk And Honey
  543. Under control
  544. Under the red sky  See also Bob Dylan Has His Blake  and Dylan On Dylan
  545. Under your spell
  546. Union Sundown
  547. Up to Me
  548. Visions of Johanna: the original review: see also Bob Dylan And Bottichelli, DaVinci, Delacroix, Duchamp, Picasso, And Van Gogh   And also Visions of Johanna: the Old Crow Medicine Show version
  549. Vomit Express 
  550. Wagon Wheel (Rock me mama)
  551. Waiting for the morning light. A possible Bob Dylan / Gene Simmons collaboration
  552. Waiting for you
  553. Waiting to get beat
  554. Walk out in the rain (with Helena Springs)
  555. Walking Down the Line
  556. Walls of Red Wing
  557. Wanted Man
  558. Whatcha Gonna Do? 
  559. Watching the river flow
  560. Watered down love
  561. We better Talk this Over
  562. Wedding song
  563. Well, well, well.
  564. Went to see the gypsy  See also Blake, Keats, And Spots Of Ink: Spinning Reels Of Rhyme
  565. Western Road
  566. What can I do for You?
  567. What good am I?
  568. What kind of friend is this?
  569. What was it you wanted?
  570. What will you do when Jesus comes?
  571. What’s going on here?
  572. What’s it gonna be when it comes up?
  573. When I got troubles
  574. When I paint my masterpiece
  575. When the night comes falling from the sky
  576. When the ship comes in
  577. When you gonna wake up?
  578. When He returns
  579. When I get my hands on you
  580. When I got troubles
  581. When the deal goes down  also When the deal goes down & Huck’s Tune/ Bob Dylan believes in God
  582. Where are you tonight?
  583. Where teardrops fall
  584. Where were you last night?
  585. The Whistle is Blowing
  586. Who killed Davey Moore?
  587. Who loves you more?
  588. Why do you have to be so frantic (Lunatic Princess).
  589. Wiggle wiggle
  590. Wigwam and Woogie Boogie
  591. Wilbury Twist
  592. Wild Wolf
  593. Wind Blows on the Water
  594. Winterlude
  595. With God on our Side  See also The Tale Of The Wicked Messenger And The Faithful Servant
  596. Won’t go back til they call me back again
  597. Woogie Boogie and Wigwam
  598. Worth The Waiting For  co-written with Dave Stewart
  599. Working Man’s Blues #2   And Workingman’s blues # 2 A very personal interpretation
  600. Working on a Guru
  601. Ye Playboys and Playgirls
  602. Ye shall be changed
  603. Yonder comes sin
  604. You ain’t going nowhere
  605. You Angel You
  606. You can blow my mind if you want to? (reportedly co-written with Britta Lee Shane)
  607. You changed my life
  608. You don’t love me no more
  609. You took my breath away
  610. You’re a big girl now  See also “Figurative Language in Blood on the Tracks”
  611. You’re going to make me lonesome when you go  See also The Ghosts Of Electricity: Bob Dylan And Symbolism
  612. You’re just a child to me
  613. You’ve been hiding too long. 
  614. The Hidden Track. This is a track that appears on disc six of the Basement Complete series which is not listed in the documentation and thus has no name

Songs reviewed on this site not written in whole or part by Bob Dylan.  This short list excludes songs reviewed in the “Why does Bob Dylan like…” series.

  1. 90 miles an hour down a dead end street
  2. Alberta (1 and 2)
  3. Baby Please Don’t Go
  4. Corrina Corrina
  5. See that my grave is kept clean
  6. You wanna ramble

Note 1: The two songs called “On a rainy afternoon” are completely different compositions, not different versions of the same song.