Bob Dylan Rolls Up Solomon’s Song (Ride baby ride)


By Larry Fyffe

The ‘Song Of Solomon’, of the Old Testament Bible, can be interpreted thusly.

The narrator, God (Jesus, if you prefer) is speaking to His beloved, His faithful;

He tells her that she can find Him in the big house by the shepherds’ tents:

If thou know not, O thou fairest among women
Go thy way forth by the footsteps of the flock
And feed thy kids beside the shepherds' tents
I have compared thee, O my love
To a company of horses in Pharaoh's chariots

(The Song Of Solomon 1: 8,9)

Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan updates the analogy. He transforms it into American street lingo – the Almighty’s a cowboy in the sky; she’s a pony named ‘Lucifer’; she calls herself ‘Rosie’, but you can call her Mary Jane if you wanna:

Well, I was sleepin' with the devil
In this crowbar hotel
Well it won't be satisfied
If I remember where

(Bob Dylan: One more ride)

Oh you know, baby
Just tie myself together
May you never leave
The 'lectric chair

(Bob Dylan: One more ride)

The faithful Rose of Sharon responds dutifully to God’s demands for love:

I sat down, under His shadow with great delight
And His fruit was sweet to my taste

(The Song Of Solomon 2: 3)
Street-smart Rosie's hip; she's earthy, and talks salty:
Well, let's roll, baby, roll
(Roll down there)
Roll, baby
(Roll, take a dive down there)
Can't you feel
I'm feelin' steel

(Bob Dylan: One more ride)

She got plans of her own:

What's ya doin' up there
You a-gonna take
A dive

(Bob Dylan: One more ride)

The  holier-than-thou Almighty One says He’s going to give the Rose all of His love; claims He wants to free her from prison.

However, she doesn’t want to go:

I held Him, and would not let Him go

Until I brought him into my mother's house

And into the chamber of her that conceived me

(The Song Of Solomon 3:4)

Says he, ‘Then, you can just stay put down’:

Well, you take my love, and take your time
I think I must be on it
And blow this stuff goin' down
The hand of God is upon it

(Bob Dylan: One more ride)


In fact, he prefers things the way they are – all mixed up:

Take you to myself,
Don't you do it, doggone it
I can't get nowhere
Without you there

(Bob Dylan: One more ride)

The Merry-Go-Round goes around and around – reverses Time:

Well, let’s roll, baby, roll ….


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