“Moving on the Water”. The 590th Bob Dylan composition we’ve found

By Tony Attwood

At 47.55 on the collection of songs known as “Between Saved and Shot” (see the recording below) there is a song we’ve not mentioned here.  “Moving on the Water”.

It is primarily an instrumental with a simple rift played across two chords, and the occasional singing by the female backing group.

Nothing much happens here, but it is a Dylan composition, and we’ve covered more occasional pieces on the Basement Tapes.  It lasts a couple of minutes, so here is a mention.

I can’t really review it because it is, like so many tracks on the Basement Tapes, just an idea worked through to see where it goes.  And it seems it goes nowhere much.   Normally it would be heard no more, but this is after all Dylan.  And we do aim to review every single song.

But there is one inducement to hearing this piece, aside from being able to claim that you have listened to every known Bob Dylan song, and that is that it runs into the tantalising “Don’t Ever Take Yourself Away”


And if you want another incentive you can leave the recording playing and listen to Dylan performing a superb version of Mystery Train after that.

I’m going to do another check of all the songs on this album just in case there is anything else I missed first time around.

Meanwhile here is the list from the outtakes album

Is It Worth It
High Away
You’re Still A Child To Me
Wind Blows On The Water
All The Way Down
My Oriental Home (Instrumental)
We’re (Living) On Borrowed Time
I Want You To Know I Love You
On A Rockin’ Boat
Movin’ (On The Water)
Don’t Ever Take Yourself Away
Mystery Train (S Phillips/H Parker) *
Heart Of Mine
Watered Down Love
Shot Of Love

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