Happy Christmas to Bob Dylan fans across the world from Untold Dylan


And a very happy Christmas indeed from and to everyone involved in Untold Dylan.

On behalf of everyone involved in the grand adventure that Untold Dylan has become I would like to thank you for reading some of our work, and for supporting what we do.

Untold Dylan is a website and a Facebook site built and developed by people from across Europe, Australasia and North America.  It is for everyone a work of love; the advertisements we have and the occasional sponsored post on the site, simply help pay the bills for keeping the site online, and keeping it safe.

So on this Christmas Day I want to do something that I do not do nearly enough, which is to thank publically the writers who have so willingly made the site what it is by contributing series of articles on new and different topics.

I’ve never most of these guys, but I am rather thinking that I might just start a world tour to go and say a very particular thank you to each in turn and take each one in turn out for a meal.  A sort of Rolling Untold Dylan Dinner.   (I could then write it up and it would be the Rolling Untold Dylan Dinner Review).

So thank you to

  • Larry Fyffe in Canada
  • Jochen Markhorst in the Netherlands
  • Mike Johnson (Kiwipoet) in New Zealand
  • Aaron Galbraith in Virginia, USA
  • Filip Łobodziński in Poland
  • Joost Nillissen in the Netherlands

and of course to everyone else who has contributed thoughts, ideas, and individual articles.   Without your input the site would be far less fun and far less valuable than it is.

Our very first article was a review of “Mississippi” published on 20 October 2008.  Since then we have published over 1400 articles including (and this is where we like to think we’ve done something original) at least one review of every single song Bob Dylan has written or co-written.  And we’ve even made an attempt to put them into the chronological order of writing.

In addition we have looked at numerous themes, ranging from Dylan’s harmonica playing to the best cover versions of his songs, from the poets and songwriters who have influenced Dylan through to the art work on Dylan’s albums, from translating Dylan into Polish through to the musicians Dylan himself professes to like and admire.

And here may I also add that there is no limit to the ideas and series that can be covered.  We have series of articles on specific topics because in each case the writer has come along and suggested we do the series.  And so off we go.  If you have an idea for an article or a series of articles that we have not tackled, or which could be taken further, then please do write to me (my email address is at the end) and let’s discuss it.

And finally, but absolutely not least, a special thank you to Pat Sludden who encouraged me to start this venture, who very gently and kindly urged me to pick it up again when during a very dark time I stopped writing completely, and who is so active and helpful on our Facebook page.

I owe all you guys a huge debt, and if I actually do make it to Canada, the Netherlands, USA, Poland and/or New Zealand, the drinks are on me.

To join our Facebook group just type the phrase “Untold Dylan” on your Facebook page or follow this link 

To suggest an article that you’d like to write, email tony@schools.co.uk

Happy Christmas, and above everything else, thank you for reading.

Tony Attwood






  1. I missed the greetings back then but I ensure you all – and I mean, ALL of you, Untold Dylan TELLERS – I fire back with my warmest regards and greetings. And huge thanks to everybody here, and to Tony in particular for having started it all. I wouldn’t say it made my day – it made my life, to a certain point.

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