“Running” Another lost Dylan track found.

Research by Aaron Galbraith, commentary by Tony Attwood

This is another Bob Dylan that we have not covered so far: “Running” from 1969.    It is said that this was only released on the very rare 50th Anniversary Copyright Extension set in 1969 which itself was limited to a 1000 copy pressing.  It is the 595th Dylan song we have found.

One thing to note is that this is not the same as  “Two Trains Running” which turned up on the 1962 Copyright Extension album.

So let’s start with copyright extensions.

Recently the copyright act changed in the European Union extending the protection of sound recording copyright to 70 years from the previous 50 years.  As a result a collection of Dylan recordings would under the new law enter the public domain if they were not released by a commercial company and distributed – so they were released and 1000 copies were printed in various formats and released in Europe.

So now we come to this song “Running” apparently recorded in 1969.

The song has no mention in Heylin’s compilation of Dylan recordings (Revolution in the air), and nothing is coming up that I can see on a google search, and thus we can conclude it was very seriously buried in the vaults until the cleaning up process of registering all Dylan’s compositions was started.


And just to be clear, here is the Two Trains Running recording


There is reputedly another song that we have not yet heard taken from this time – probably “Western Road” from the Travellin Thru Bootleg series.

But back to “Running” This is a simple 12 bar blues with the chorus, the lyrics of which are interpreted by Aaron as

Love fine living
Down high and low
She’s dreaming
That we must grow

You got me running
I just can’t stay
Sorry little girl
But this poor boy’s going away

Well standing on the levy
And looking at the ship
I can’t stay
I believe I’ll make a trip

I’m running
I just can’t stay
Well I’m sorry little girl
But this poor boy’s going away

Well, let’s go away now!
Well on the corner
Looking down on my watch
Poor feet, and just can’t touch

I’m running
I just can’t stay
Well I’m sorry little girl
But this poor boy’s running away

Oh lets go out!


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