Bob Dylan and Prince Phillip (and Dignity)

by Larry Fyffe

In his article entitled “Who Wrote Dylan”, Ross Altman asserts that Bob Dylan makes a deal with Prince Charles to write lyrics for his songs. And furthermore that Charles writes Dylan’s early songs. However, it’s rather surprising that someone holding a PhD would commit such grievous errors. Altman mixes up his Princes.

Bob Dylan himself later confesses that it’s Prince Phillip (not Charles) with whom he signs the contract:

Met Prince Phillip at the home of the blues
Said he give me information if his name wasn't  used
He wanted money up front, said he was abused
By dignity
(Bob Dylan: Dignity)

Mr.Altman points out the fact that the Queen’s son says of course he’s familiar with Dylan Thomas’ work when asked if he knows who the singer Dylan is. Mr. Altman then misses the tip-off that a number of lyrics supposedly written by the American singer contain undignified, even off-colour, remarks – remarks completely uncharacteristic of Prince Charles, but not uncharacteristic of Queen Elizabeth’s husband.

Charles would not have written lyrics such as those below, but Phillip, a navy man, would and he does – it’s rather evident (his favourite beer is “Boddingtons”):

Well, sometimes I might get drunk
Walk like a duck, and smell like a skunk
Doesn't hurt me any, doesn't hurt my pride
Because I got my little lady right by my side
She's trying to hide, pretending she doesn't know me

In the same song, the Duke of Edinburgh, an avid fisherman, goes on to have a little fun with the name of his ”little lady”, Elizabeth The Second:

Well, they ask me why I'm drunk all the time
It levels my head, and eases my mind
I just walk along, and stroll and sing
I see better days, and I do better things
I catch dinosaurs
Make love to Elizabeth Taylor
Catch hell from Richard Burton
(Bob Dylan: I Shall Be Free)

Bob Dylan gets stuck with singing more about British royalty when Prince Phillip can’t resist poking fun at Elizabeth’s paternal grandmother:

Queen Mary, she's my friend
Yes, I believe I'll go see her again
Nobody has to guess
That Baby can't be blessed
Till she finally sees that she's like all the rest
With her fog, amphetamine, and her pearls
(Bob Dylan: Just Like A Woman)

If that weren’t evidence enough, Phillip goes after one of Elizabeth’s relatives of long ago in another song:

When your mother sends back all your invitations
And your father to your sister, he explains
That you're tired of yourself, and all of your creations
Won't you come see me, Queen Jane?
(Bob Dylan: Queen Jane Approximately)

Lady Jane, the daughter of Duke Henry Grey and Lady Frances, is proclaimed Queen, but her reign lasts only a few days: she’s deposed, and replaced by the dead King’s half-daughter ‘Bloody’ Mary; then beheaded.

In the following song lyrics, Phillip once again almost gives himself away – he loves to play polo, a game Bob Dylan has no interest in:

Come over here pony,
I want to climb up one time on you
You're so nasty, and you're so bad
That I swear that I love you, yes I do
(Bob Dylan: New Pony)

Polo is played by royalty, and a polo match is clearly going on in the lyrics below:

All along the watchtower
Princes kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too
Outside, in the distance
A wildcat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl
(Bob Dylan: All Along The Watchtower)

A footnote from Tony: Larry of course writes this series of articles, but the selection of videos is down to me.  I do try not to repeat my selections over and over when there are others available, but the live version of Dignity back up the page, which I have used several times before, is for me, beyond doubt, the very best one version ever.  So sorry, it does get featured in several articles, but I just can’t resist.

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  1. Great article, surprising informations for me! Uploads excellent, Dignity is really exceptional, Bobby is amazing in all selected uploads! I didn’t know the song New Pony, cover by Maria McKee I like it very much! Thanks Larry and Tony for your post!

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