The Untold Bob Dylan Showcase

By Tony Attwood

OK the Untold Dylan Showcase is on the road: we have our first recording.

This is a speculative idea, which comes out of the fact that I suspect many of us are stuck in our homes without the normal access we enjoy (and in my case, take for granted) to the world at large.

So the idea is that any Untold Dylan reader who has recorded a Dylan song privately or has written or recorded a song that is somehow related to Dylan, can have the recording put up here.

Any songs that we get sent in will be clearly listed as being part of the “Dylan Showcase”, so readers who only want to hear recordings by Dylan and other professional recording artists won’t come here by mistake.

If no one sends anything in, then ok, another one of my brilliant ideas hits the dust.  But these are unusual times and it struck me that a bit of something different could be worth exploring.

So here is the first recording…  Details of how to say thank you to this artist, and then how to send in your own recording are given below.

Brian’s comments…

Hi I’m Brian Houston the virtual busker. Thank you for watching my cover of Bob Dylan’s Forever Young. If you’d like to support my efforts to make up for lost gigs please click here

If you would like to submit a recording…

I can’t guarantee that we are going to publish everything we receive, but we’ll certainly have a listen.

You can supply a video file or an audio file, and you can also supply a few lines of text to explain who you are and what the recording is about, or why you made it.

Simply email the file as an attachment to    You can send it through WhatsApp or conventional email.

What else is on the site?

We have a very lively discussion group “Untold Dylan” on Facebook with over 3400 active members.  (Try imagining a place where it is always safe and warm).  Just type the phrase “Untold Dylan” in, on your Facebook page or follow this link 

You’ll find some notes about our latest posts arranged by themes and subjects on the home page of this site.  You can also see details of our main sections on this site at the top of this page under the picture.

The index to all the 598 Dylan compositions and co-compositions that we have found on the A to Z page.

If you are interested in Dylan’s work from a particular year or era, your best place to start is Bob Dylan year by year.

On the other hand if you would like to write for this website, or indeed have an idea for a series of articles that the regular writers might want to have a go at, please do drop a line with details of your idea, or if you prefer, a whole article to

And please do note our friends at  The Bob Dylan Project, which lists every Dylan song in alphabetical order, and has links to licensed recordings and performances by Dylan and by other artists, plus links back to our reviews (which we do appreciate).


  1. Tony,

    This Showcase idea is so brilliant! I am so happy to have this song launch it! Brian Houston is a phenomenal artist with many originals songs and albums but he also as anyone attest to do wonderful covers!

    I am so completely overwhelmed but in the most elating of ways!
    Thank you Tony and Brian and may the blessing of this song be yours as well!

    <3 denise

  2. Thanks Denise
    I agree
    Love this site..
    4 days till Rough & Rowdy Ways gets released..
    Love your posts
    Lots of Bob D Blessings
    Ian Lovell..Australia

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