How Bob Dylan’s Quotes can help Mould your Venture


Bob Dylan is an influential artist, musician, and songwriter who won the 2016 Nobel Prize for literature. He showed great support for new ideas, risks explorations, independence, and the need to follow the inner voice as an entrepreneur. Many people have sought inspiration from his words, resilience, and creative output. Business owners can learn too much from Bob to adjust their operations for the best to achieve success. Here are various inspirations that you can apply to your ventures.

Using Bob Dylan’s Lyrics to Inspire your Business

Bob’s song ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’ stresses the need to get ahead of the changing times. Just like the rapid digitalization and high competition today in our business you need a solid plan to navigate through. The song lyrics are an essential inspiration to most companies who need to adopt great transformations in the foreseen market trends. You may want to embrace better marketing techniques by developing excellent product description Shopify to inform and persuade your customers. He continues to state that ‘the first one will later be the last’ which applies to those companies that might delay in making transformations according to the evolving market trends and change in customers’ needs and preferences. You should, therefore, find the urge to develop new ideas, manage change, develop a business plan and manage risks that may arise from the new transformations. When it comes to songwriting, Bob had great assurance that whatever he was doing, he would do it right. Subsequently, business involves a lot of risks, and you must get ready to take chances, dedicate your life to your passion and remain optimistic that things will work out.

What Businesses can Learn from Bob Dylan

Dylan’s pieces are an inspiration to many entrepreneurs in their day to day operations. Many companies face a lot of challenges due to economic factors, just like Bob, you need to remain focused on your goals. Young entrepreneurs expect growth in a year or less and are quick to share it with colleagues, but when this does not happen, they quickly forget the passion that leads them into the venture. According to Bob, you should keep your goals to yourself and only accept positive criticism from a chosen few. Most entrepreneurs may feel uncomfortable to start new ventures, fearing that they may fail. Dylan emphasized on resilience, and always believed that you could control your fate by gathering enough confidence to try out things. He also challenges businesses to reinvent themselves to grow their customer base if what they are doing isn’t working. Dylan was very concerned with his musical collaborators and always picked the right musicians with perfect contributions. Subsequently, working with the right team improves the quality of your products and services.


The business world requires constant motivation, and you can draw inspiration from various successful people. Bob Dylan’s songs will assure you in all your dealings and are driving forces to help you accomplish everything to stay ahead of your competitors.



  1. Tony,
    Yes that is a very interesting and practical take on Bob’s music an in particular that song! I think Bob’s music and his cutting edge ideas can be applied to just about anything and any kind of relationship as well. I do not think that is anywhere near his motivation or intent of writing; however, as he is more concerned with the human condition: spirit and soul (mind, will, and emotion)! However wisdom is wisdom and can be applied anywhere and yes even business ventures. And everyone has different perspectives, desires, goals! I do not think of Bob’s music in these terms but as you have demonstrated in your article it can be done and probably with success.

    For me motivation is everything and for Almighty G-d who I believe in it is the same for Him. I think this true of Bob as well because he constantly exposes anything that is vain or unfair in we as humans and in our society. I like your article though and I think the plan you see in it valuable if you are a business person but I think it is very important not to lose sight of Bob’s character of heart and soul because what he offers our world are the very things that keep us from being enslaved by our own devices and trappings. Things that may or may not cause us to choose things that are not conducive to becoming more loving beings that can walk above circumstance and reach for things higher than ourselves.

    I do like to walk around things though and try and see the varying perspectives and you certainly have presented a very unique and viable one here! I would just like to add that even with a 360 human perspective (as if that were even possible), their is to me a much bigger and more accurate perspective to avail ourselves of and that is G-d’s perspective and I cannot even count the many times when I have sought that overall perspective out that there wasn’t a better plan of living presented to me! Something not only above circumstance but also above dreams.

    Thanks Tony

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