The Dylan nobody knows: Return and Peppers

by Aaron Galbraith and Tony Attwood

In this series we try and find some songs that Dylan has performed which are largely forgotten.

Return To Me – from the Sopranos : Peppers & Egg Soundtrack cd. It’s a wonderful performance and deserves to be heard by more.

“Return to Me” was originally released in 1958 by Dean Martin. The song was in the UKs charts (or at least the New Musical Express version) for 22 weeks, getting to number 2.

It also reached number 4 in the Billboard Top 100, a chart that was based on sales, radio plays and jukebox plays.  Dean Martin re-recorded the song in 1961 for his Italian Love Songs album.

Moving on we have Do Re Mi

This is Dylan’s 2009 take of Woody Guthrie’s song from The People Speak Soundtrack, another wonderful performance, and this one probably slipped passed a few people unnoticed.

Even though the album is great and has new performances by Dylan, Springsteen, Randy Newman, Jackson Browne amongst others I don’t remember it being hugely publicised at the time it came out. Here is the audio only from the album, without the voiceover at the start

And here it is as it was shown in the film with Dylan singing the song in the flesh, along with Ry Cooder and Van Dyke Parks.

If you can find a way to watch the full documentary you really should, as it is really great. A treat from start to finish with great musical moments throughout. The film uses dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries, and speeches of everyday Americans. The film gives voice to those who, by insisting on equality and justice, spoke up for social change throughout U.S. history and also illustrates the relevance of this to today’s society.

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