Bob Dylan returns to the radio

Research by Aaron, caught out by surprise by Tony

Tony: So there I was watching the clock and trying to finish off my piece, “The song is like a painting, you can’t see it all at once if you’re standing too close” when in comes an email from Aaron saying, “Have you seen the news?”

The article is in German but Aaron has translated it

Aaron’s tranlation: Bob Dylan is always good for a surprise. Not only did he finally release new songs with “Rough & Rowdy Ways”, now he’s reviving his radio show.   The new episode of his “Theme Time Radio Hour”, which was created during the lockdown, is even two hours long and his theme is “Whiskey”…

“The radio of Bob Dylan again is a huge surprise, but the time he takes us to the realm of “whiskey” for two hours is not surprising, because he has now launched his own bourbon brand, “Heaven’s Door”.

“Between 2006 and 2009, Bob Dylan produced 100 radio shows for Sirius XM. Each show had a special theme, and Bob Dylan proved not only to be an outstanding music connoisseur, with an exquisite record collection, but above all to be a great storyteller. Otherwise Bob Dylan is rather literal, rarely gives interviews and at his concerts he has not spoken to the audience for a long time.

“But as a radio DJ, Bob Dylan shows a very different facet of his personality. His “Never Ending World Tour” was interrupted by Corona and for the first time in many years he is not to be seen on the stages of the world.

“Then the “Nobel Prize winner” just makes radio again and has doubled his airtime. So the broadcast title “Theme Time Radio Hour” isn’t quite right anymore and Dylan isn’t sure who’s still listening to classical radio, but these two hours on the subject of “Whiskey” are a real radio highlight.

“Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour” is original and exclusive, September 24 between 11-01 p.m.”

Tony: Which of course leaves the question: on which station?

Someone please let us know.  In the USA for Aaron, and the UK for Tony.


  1. How about some suggestions for a dream prospective track listing? I’ll go with Copper Kettle #:)

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