Four more Bob Dylan official videos: Blood, Not Dark, Wonder Boys, Gods and Generals

By Aaron Galbraith

Dylan’s promotional videos – the story so far

It’s been a while but I didn’t forget about the next batch of official music videos! So here we go, let’s start this selection off with the Dave Stewart directed Blood In My Eyes video.

I think this is a beautiful video and one of the best from Dylan. I remember in the late 90s shortly before a trip to London to visit friends I did a bit of research and found the cafe, streets and bridges used in the clip (FYI, it’s in Camden Town). On a quiet day on my own I went out there and walked the same route he did. I sat in the cafe in the chair I was sure he used, I don’t think the painting was there, I think it had been sold by then but that’s a nice memory which makes this little video mean quite a bit to me, personally.

(There is a lot more about this video and Dylan’s activities in relation to the cover of the album in The art work for Dylan’s “World Gone Wrong”)

Next up, from the Time Out Of Mind album it’s Not Dark Yet.

(Note from Tony in the UK – at the moment the video that Aaron has provided is not showing on my screen, so I’ve found a link that is working.  Aaron – please shout if I have got the wrong video!!!)

A fairly straightforward performance video switching effectively between black and white and full colour shots. Some really great lighting used in the video and some very unconventional angles. I’m not sure it adds a whole lot to the song but I like it nonetheless.

Last up this time is two videos for songs used in movie soundtracks.

Things Have Changed from Wonder Boys


And lastly, ‘Cross The Green Mountain from Gods & Generals.


Both videos are really great in my opinion. One thing it’s clear for movie songs is that Bob likes to insert himself (and band) into the action and make it look like he is in the movie. Some fantastic work on both of these and it really does look like they are in the movie.

The costumes for the Cross The Green Mountain clip are exceptional. I remember going to an early screening of that movie and the director was there for a question and answer session after the movie finished and they showed this video. Another great memory for me. I wish I’d asked him about the Dylan video!

I vaguely remember seeing the Band Of The Hand video back in the day and have a memory (which admittedly could be flawed) of Dylan inserting himself into that movie also. I’m sure it did used to be on YouTube but it is no longer available to view. If any reader out there can point us to a viewable copy of the video online , I’d love to hear from you so I can find out if my memory serves we well.

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