Watch Untold Dylan’s Polish correspondent & his band play live on Sunday

By Tony Attwood the band of Untold Dylan contributor and chief Polish correspondent Filip Łobodziński, is playing live on the internet on Sunday (or Monday very early in the morning if you are in Australia).

The concert lasts 50 minutes and runs through 12 Dylan songs.  The songs will be performed in Polish but the music is in the international language of music – and besides you’ll know the language because you know the songs – and if you are a regular reader you will know Filip as well.

Here are the the starting times (I hope I have them right).

  • 1800 Western Europe
  • 1700 UK and Ireland (GMT)
  • 1300 Eastern Time
  • 1000 Pacific Time
  • 0900 Alaska Time
  • 0400 Sydney, Australia.

Because of the lock downs everywhere this is the first concert of the band in 13 months so Filip suggests there might be some errors, but I am sure he is being modest.

Anyway, it’s probably your only chance for a while to listen to familiar tunes played live and explored in a strange language that you are not used to.

Below please find are the links to the event, which will be active tomorrow just before the gig and then for the next 24 hrs.

Filip’s comment is typically modest, saying, “Of course, don’t feel obliged to watch it but I thought perhaps you’d just be curious.  And, above all, stay healthy, safe and observant (I hope you are in a good shape and state of mind).”

While you are waiting you might like to read Filip’s article on the top Polish rock band T Love

But better still you can listen to Filip’s band

There will be more about Filip on line tomorrow before the concert.  If you want to read about Filip we’ll be publishing that tomorrow.

What else?

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