Utterly brilliant beyond compare: Rolling Ramshackle Revue with Lily, Rosemary et al.

By Tony Attwood

One of the great things about Untold is that there are no rules – or at least not many.  We create series, we publish one-offs, some of us write lots of articles, some people write one or two, lots of people say nice things about the site, some people tell us we are idiots for not understanding a song in a particular way – or indeed not understanding Dylan in a particular way.

That’s how it goes, and as long as the negative posts are not abusive, we don’t mind.  True, with some of the caustic comments we do send the lads round occasionally, but really, it’s just a gesture – something to show that we do read everything that is sent in.

Anyway our brief is that we are allowed to do pretty much anything Dylan-ish so today here’s some fun, just in case you haven’t seen and heard it before.  If you have, well, watch it and listen to it again.  It’s wonderful.

The Rolling Ramshackle Revue is a one-off project featuring Naomi Bedford, Nancy Kerr, Ben Walker, Alasdair Roberts, Robert Vincent, Justin Currie from Del Amitri, Paul and Swill from The Men They Couldn’t Hang along with other folk and roots artists.

Together and less together they’ve recorded a version of ‘Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts’ to raise money for the homeless, food banks, people in need and causes that the campaigning organisation We Shall Overcome supports. 

Twelve singers, six players, one laptop and a small dog, all recording from within their own homes during lockdown. What could possibly go wrong?

English roots singer Naomi Bedford commented,

‘I’d often talked about covering this song with my partner, musician Paul Simmonds (TMTCH). Then, in lockdown, we were stuck at home alongside my son Noah who had just finished his Music Technology course at college. It seemed like the perfect time to do it and bring people together in a good cause. I’ve always got by on chancing it and cheek to an extent and fortunately all these amazing artists said yes. And it is a lot of people’s favourite Bob Dylan song!’

All this and a unique cover by celebrated cartoonist and illustrator Chris Riddell !

The Rolling Ramshackle Revue: they deserve an article all unto themselves.

The Cast


  • Naomi Bedford
    Justin Currie (Del Amitri)
    Phil Odgers
    Jess Silk
    Joe Solo
    Carol Hodge
    Boss Caine ( Daniel Lucas)
    Ben Webb (Bird in the Belly)
    Robert Vincent
    Aladsdair Roberts
    Cathy Jordan (Dervish)


  • Paul Simmonds:  Gtr/Mandolin/BV
    Ben Walker:   Gtr/Mandolin
    Phil Jones:  Bass/Tambourine
    Scott Smith:  Harmonica/Banjo/Pedal Steel
    Nancy Kerr:  Violin
    Joe Lancaster:  Horns
    Noah Bramley:  Kick Drum/Production


  • Produced by Noah Bramley. Mixed by Jake Rousham
  • Cover Art Chris Riddell
  • Video Barnaby Attwell

More here: weshallovercomeweekend.com/about/


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