Happy Birthday Bob Part 3 – from Aaron Galbraith

I stumbled across the Untold Dylan site around 3 years ago during an extended hospital stay. I immediately was drawn in to both the idea and execution. I loved the idea of reviewing each and every song, and Tony’s writing was both entertaining and informative.

My initial involvement was purely in finding songs for Tony to review. That very first day I found the site, I sent Tony copies of “Steel Bars” and “King Of Kings”. Within a day the review for Steel Bars appeared and I couldn’t believe how detailed and entertaining the review was. A day later the “King of Kings” review was published. It was then I knew I’d found a community of like minded fans, where I could continue to submit suggestions and, maybe one day, contribute an article or two.

That’s what I love about Dylan’s career. His discography is so vast, it’s almost impossible to find the end, and it seems to grow every day. I love being able to present his music, be they originals, covers by himself or covers by other so that everyone can hear it – love it or hate it. It’s great to be able to let others hear songs that might have passed them by, like On, Wisconsin or Touchy Situation.

That’s why I love Dylan’s music and this site so much, whenever I hear a new piece of music, or read a new article or discover a new cover version it’s like unwrapping a birthday present every day.

Over the years I’ve had so much fun here on this site, great memories including a great back and forth with Tony and Larry and myself as we worked out the lyrics for Gone But Not Forgotten.

Then came the idea to ask the readers to put music to some Dylan lyrics that previously had none. Man, I loved receiving and listening to every single one of the submissions. From Rob Beretta’s version of Don’t Let Anyone Write Your Story to Chris Sheridan with his Listen Robert Moses. Just take a listen to Nick Juno’s recording of Dope Fiend Robber.

None of this would have happened without Bob and his music. I am eternally grateful for that. And that’s what Bob means to me…sharing, community, collaboration, fun times and great memories.

So, happy birthday Bob. I hope you have a great day! And Lang may yer lum reek!!

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