Now the birthday celebrations are over….

mr tambourine says “hi”

It was 1982, and Dylan’s 80th birthday, oh Lord. And it is swamping me, in stuff.

BBC  Radio      It Ain’t Me You’re Looking For: Bob Dylan at 80    5 x 15 minutes

BBC  Radio Drama   Dinner with Dylan

BBC Masked and Anonymous    ( they gave this one star! Meanies!! )

BBC Tangled Up With Dylan: the Ballad of A J Weberman

BBC  Well I can’t say they ignored his 80th Birthday that’s for sure

BBC  …..Sings Dylan II     Cover versions of someone’s songs

BBC  Don’t Loook Back (or you’ll spot the extra “o”)

BBC  Getting to Dylan: the Interview (1987 if you really want to know)

BBC Arena  Bob Dylan – Trouble No More   (1979 via 2018)

BBC  Singer/Songwriters at the BBC (including Bob someone,……)

Sky Arts   New  Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan: Tomorrow is a Long Time

Sky Arts   Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert

ASDA DVD  I’m Not There  (and he may well not be). Bought this on the day, 24th May.

YouTube   Woolhall 80 days countdown to Bob’s Birthday

YouTube    Irenehilda, SuperPenn21, e collins, nightly moth, neverending Bobfan

Thank you all, and all the others too

Rolling Stone “Inside Bob Dylan’s Lost Interviews and Unseen Letters”  and although this dates back to October 21, 2020, I find I am reading it today on 24th May, because it has showed up. And within it there is a page of a letter (image) and he mentions “abandoned hotels….like out of last year at marianbad” and it was yesterday that I was following up on a few films a local film club is planning to show, and so I happened to read up a little about the enigma of “Last Year in Marianbad” because that is one of them. Else maybe it would mean nothing to me (O Vienna).


I wish they’d show Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid.

I’m enjoying cowboys this year. Last night it was Wyatt Earp.

Sometimes, there is plenty of time, but at other times, it seems there isn’t.

Get the fuck up  Up get the fuck   fuck up the get   the up fuck get   the up get fuck

and you can find the remaining variations, but none will get you up.

That’s only the half of it.

Perhaps the best part was Elston Gunn’s cakes, even though I couldn’t concentrate on them for long.

One page is more than enough. Less is more, more or less.

H B Bob. Tomorrow is a new day.

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