Bob’s last live appearance in full and his first of the lockdown

By Tony Attwood

Since I was the one who invented the name “Untold Dylan” I am particularly aware that the word “untold” implies that we don’t cover stuff that other websites do.

And by and large we stick to that – but not so dogmatically that important issues are missed.  And so I make an exception for the announcement that Bob is to offer an online concert – or to give it the official title a “streaming performance”.

Which you almost certainly already know.

Indeed I appreciate that most readers of Untold Dylan will already have far more information on this and will have purchased their tickets, bought the official souvenir programme (or I should write ‘program’ since it will be published in the USA I imagine) and perhaps in a moment of madness paid an extra $500 for the bits of the show that the official performance didn’t include (which turns out to be 30 seconds of Bob walking from his dressing room to the performance area).

(actually I made all that last bit up).

But just in case you have missed it all, here are the details.  Not Untold, but still, I’d hate it if you missed the show just because I didn’t mention it (extremely unlikely though that would seem to be).

So the first streaming performance, with the exciting name “Shadow Kingdom,” will be on July 18 – or at least July 18 in USA.  It’s the first broadcast special since “MTV Unplugged” in 1994.  We are told it will be “in an intimate setting as he performs songs from his extensive body of work, created especially for this event.”

For those of us in the United Kingdom it will be on 10pm BST on 18 July.  If you don’t know what time that makes it in your part of the world just go onto Google and type in “What time is 2200 BST in….” and fill in your time zone.  I think it is 7am in Sydney New South Wales the next day but you should check that for yourself since I am well known for endlessly calling my daughter in Sydney in the middle of her night, which now she has a baby doesn’t do my reputation as a doting grandfather much good.

Or you can go to the official log in and that might tell you the time – it certainly worked for me.   The programme is then designed to stay on line for two and a half days, so if you’re out partying when it is on (or if it’s the middle of the night where you are) you can still catch up with it.

Bob’s last show is available on line – the quality is not perfect, but at least it is a reminder of how it all ended….

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  1. I did not know about this concert until I saw this, so it is Untold Dylan to me. Thanks.

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