How to Start Listening to Bob Dylan

Music is such a wonderful thing. It can lift spirits, improve your mood and help to create wonderful memories. Both listening and playing are such amazing things, which is why it is not surprising to see just how many people are fans. With such a widespread interest, it’s easy to see how the world has been graced with such amazing artists. Some of which have created music so inspiring they have defined an era.

A musician that potentially falls into this category is Bob Dylan. The American singer-songwriter is regarded worldwide as one of the best to ever do it. His songwriting ability especially has been one of a kind. If you love music but haven’t listened to Bob Dylan, it’s probably about time you changed that. If you want to start listening to the artist, here are some tips on how to get on your way to becoming a super fan:

Be Active When Listening to His Music

Something that a lot of people will recommend when listening to new music is to be active. If you are just sitting and listening to the music, chances are if you don’t connect with it the first time, you’ll probably be put off. Being busy while listening still gives you the chance to hear and appreciate but in a more casual and easy-going way. One thing you could do while listening to some Bob Dylan music is play online. Casinos online offer great gaming experiences, meaning you will be able to have fun while listening to some great music.

Start off with the Hits

An artist’s most popular songs are usually that way for a reason. Although the hardcore fans usually won’t choose them as their favourite tracks, these are usually the songs that appeal to the most people. This is why it is a good idea when listening to any new artist to look at their more popular stuff. If you like their sound, you can then get into their lesser-known content. For Bob Dylan, you might want to start off with songs such as the following:

  • Like a Rolling Stone
  • A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
  • Tangled up in Blue
  • Just Like a Woman
  • All Along the Watchtower

Listen with a Friend

Another good way to get into a new artist is to start listening with a friend. This way, you can both compare which songs you like more. The discussion of the artist could be enough to inspire you to listen more. The more and more you both listen as well, the more songs you will be able to recommend to each other. For example, it could be a good idea for each of you to choose an album and listen to it in its entirety. This way, you can let each other know what the best songs off that album are. You can do this until you have established what his best work is. You should just make sure that you and your friend don’t have too dissimilar tastes.


  1. Another great way is to have an album on in the car. And best three albums to start with , in my opinion, are Highway 61, Blood on the Tracks , Time out of Mind. Then if you can’t get into Bob via those three he probably ain’t for you.

  2. Just out of my teens I was looking to get into Dylan but just didn’t know where to start. Then “More Bob Dylan Greatest Hits” was released, and I bought it in, I guess, early 1972. It is a cracking best of double album and although it does not include “Like A Rolling Stone” it showed me the way to getting into other Dylan albums.

  3. First, I would make sure I had an amp, speakers and a CD player or boombox. (Some people still have love their tapes. Next, I would check all the electrical connections and then and only then would I be ready to listen to Bob Dylan..

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