Other people’s songs: Precious moments and some extras

By Aaron Galbraith and Tony Attwood

Previously in this series…

Dylan recorded this hymn for Knocked out Loaded where it was credited to “Traditional; arranged by Dylan”. It was, however, originally credited to J. B. F. Wright in 1925.

Tony:  I have a note that it was first recorded in 1928 by the Turkey Mountain Singers although not everyone agrees.  And whether they do or not, I can’t find a recording on the internet that I can offer.

Aaron: Many country and gospel singers have had a go. Here are a few that tried something different with the song:

Johnny Cash – far from my favourite Cash album but I do love the strings on this track

Tony: Not really my style of music, but I can appreciate the quality of the arrangement, both the orchestral instruments and the backing vocals.

Aaron: Tammy Wynette

Tony: The electric piano here works for me perfectly, as does the vocal style of Tammy Wynette.   This is the best so far for me (apart from Bob’s version and he has the advantage of me having heard it a few hundred times before.

Until around 1 minute 50 seconds when everyone suddenly decides to go fff.   And why?  It’s only there for a few seconds and for me it wrecks the whole piece.  Oh how I’d love to be able to go back and ask either the arranger or the producer why that happened.

And now there’s only one left to go

Aaron: Gerry Rafferty from the Posthumous album “Rest In Blue”

Tony: “Rest in blue” is a great name for an album and Gerry Rafferty has a very special place in my musical heart.  Of course, that is true for lots of people because he wrote “Baker Street”.  I also revere the memory of him because his first solo album was called “Can I have my money back”.  Brilliant!

In fact he is one of those artists who for me, never really did anything wrong or out of place, and I was devasted when I heard of his passing.   Of course, we never met and our paths never crossed (he was a very private person who didn’t like doing live shows) but there was something about his music that touched me in a very personal way.

I do try very hard to restrict myself to the agreement Aaron and I had when Aaron came up with the idea for this series, and so stick with his choices, but today I would like to slip in a song that is not directly linked to the main theme (Precious Moments) and vere off to honour Gerry Rafferty.

To put up a copy of Baker Street would be too obvious, and I’m sure everyone has a copy anyway so here is his last album…  and if nothing else please do listen to the first five minutes: “All Souls”.

Well I'm innocent 'til I'm proved guilty,
Yes I'm right 'til I'm proved wrong,
I don't need to prove my innocence,
Sometimes I'm weak, sometimes I'm strong.

Well I can't deny the feeling,
Yes I know, I'm in too deep
The only reason that I'm in this world,
Is to wake up from this sleep.

You and me Gerry.  You and me.

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