Dylan posters from the 1980s

Poster photograph supplied by Joe LaMay

Commentary from Tony Attwood

“Untold Dylan” has no editorial rule book as to what should or should not be published on the site.  Basically, if we like it we publish it.

So although no one has provided a copy of a Dylan poster before I see no reason why we should not put up a picture of a couple of 1980s posters, since they have been sent in my Joe LaMay.

Joe wrote to me and said,

“I’ve had these posters framed since the late 80’s. On the left is the original poster – designed by Milton Glaser – that came with the 1967 Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits LP. On the right is a 1985 poster deigned by Woody Pirtle to advertise a lecture by Milton Glaser for the Dallas Society of Visual Communication.”

Joe also gave us permission to publish his picture, and here it is…

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