Dylan’s cover songs during his “Rough and Rowdy Ways” world tour 2021/4


 Article collaboration by Denise Konkal and “I’m first among equals” Youtube channel.  A set of nine recordings of Dylan’s covers of other people’s songs appears at the end of the article.

PART 1  (November 2, 2021, to July 9, 2023)

FALL 2021 (Nov. 2 – Dec. 2)

  • “Melancholy Mood” – Milwaukee – Nov. 2/21 thru to Washington D.C. Dec. 2/21

SPRING – SUMMER 2022 (March 3 – July 6)

  • “Melancholy Mood”- Phoenix March 3/22 thru to Denver July 5/22
  • “Friend Of The Devil” – Oakland CA June 11,14, &15/22
  • “That Old Black Magic” – Denver July 6/22

FALL 2022 (Sept. 25 – Nov. 7)

SPRING- SUMMER 2023 (April 6 – July 9)

  • “Truckin'” – Tokyo April 12
  • “Brokedown Palace” (part) Tokyo April 14
  • “Not Fade Away” – Tokyo April 15
  • “Brokedown Palace” (part) – Tokyo April 16
  • “Brokedown Palace” & “That Old Black Magic” – Nagoya April 18
  • “Not Fade Away” – Nagoya April 19
  • “Truckin'” & “Only A River” – Nagoya April 20


  • “Not Fade Away” – Lisbon June 4
  • “Not Fade Away” – Lisbon June 5
  • “Not Fade Away” – Madrid June 7
  • “Tweedle Dum And Tweedle Dum” Madrid June 8
  • “Into The Mystic” – Alicante June 15
  • “Stella Blue” – Barcelona June 23
  • “Not Fade Away” – Barcelona June 24
  • “That Old Black Magic” – Carcassonne, FRA. June 26
  • “West L. A. Fadeaway” – Aix-en-Provence, FRA June 27
  • “West L. A. Fadeaway” – Lyon FRA June 29
  • “West L. A. Fadeaway” – Lyon FRA June 30


  • “Not Fade Away” – Montreux, Switzerland July 1
  • “Bad Actor” & “Not Fade Away” – Milan Italy July 3
  • “Brokedown Palace” (complete) & “That Old Black Magic” – Milan July 4
  • “West LA Fadeaway” – Lucca Italy July 6
  • “That Old Black Magic” – Perugia Italy July 7
  • “That Old Black Magic”, “Only A River”, & “Truckin'”- Rome July 9

A few extra notables:

Bob has played 138 concerts since this tour began and one cancellation due to extreme weather which is not included in that number.  So far he has played all his songs from his “Rough And Rowdy Ways” album except for “Murder Most Foul”.  He also has performed some of his older songs, some that he had done for his “Shadow Kingdom” recording.  He changed out a few of them and some remained constant such as:

  • “Watching The River Flow”
  • “Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I’ll Go Mine)”
  • “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”
  • “Gotta Serve Somebody”
  • “To Be Alone With You”

Other older songs he kept for a while or changed them right away. For instance, when he started in 2021, he sang “Simple Twist Of Fate” and “Soon After Midnight” at the first concert only. Along with those songs listed above he also sang: “Early Roman Kings”, “Love Sick”, “To Be Alone With You”, and “It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry”.

At his second concert he added, “When I Paint My Masterpiece”. In his third concert, Bob dropped “Love Sick” and “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry” and added “Every Grain of Sand” which has stayed throughout except for three consecutive nights in June 2022 when he covered “Friend Of the Devil”. On the second of those three nights, Bob ended the song by playing guitar while seated at the piano.

On June 8, 2023, Bob played his song “Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum” for the first time and in the following two concerts and again on June 21, 2023. It is exciting to wonder what other cover songs and older songs Bob may do during when his tour resumes.

Along with changing set lists there have been several arrangement and instrument changes to both his “Rough and Rowdy Ways” repertoire and his older songs. Many of his songs have taken on more blues and jazz styles and others rock. Bob played guitar for the beginning of “Watching The River Flow” on June 7, 2022, at Redding California till Sept. 25, 2022, at Oslo Norway. He has also played harmonica intermittently at the end of “When I Paint My Masterpiece”, “Every Grain Of Sand” and “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” October 11, 2022.

Multi-instrumentalist Donnie Herron has changed what he plays in certain songs throughout this tour as Bob develops new arrangements. For example, during part of the first leg he played accordion for some of the “Key West ” renditions, but further into the tour he played wonderful violin accompaniment in various songs. Playing effortlessly, Tony Garnier, fluctuates between his bass guitar and stand-up bass. Guitarists Bob Britt and Doug Lancio have developed some wonderful riffs and rhythms that complement the songs. Bob’s band members underwent one change when the drummer Charley Drayton left the tour at the end of 2022 and Jerry Pentecost took over drums when the tour resumed in 2023.

It is hard to say what changes could occur when Bob returns to his tour (likely, late summer or fall). Where it will recommence is still a mystery, but I think he will probably end this tour on his home turf and that might not be till 2024. It has been amazing to follow along devotedly watching and/or listening to Bob’s LIVE performances and reading so many reviews, comments, and reactions. When this tour ends, we hope to submit a follow up to this article.

Wishing and praying the best for Bob to continue with his creative journey in good health and happiness.

Thank you to the channels that are featured with this article.  Thank you to my collaborator for this article from “I’m First Among Equals” Y.T. channel.   Thank you of course to Tony Attwood at “Untold Dylan” Website for graciously publishing this article.


Only a river

Stella Blue

Not Fade Away

Friend of the Devil

Brokedown Palace

Every Grain Of Sand

West L. A. Fadeaway

Into The Mystic



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  2. Joshua Tribe – Thank you very much and of course you are very welcome!
    : )

  3. Finally! Someone took the time to compile this list!! Thank you so much Denise Konkal! Love the videos too!!

  4. I need to amend something about Bob playing guitar during his tour so far. As we all know by now Bob surprised us by playing a special three song performance for Farm Aid September 23/23! He played electric guitar for “Maggie’s Farm”, Positively 4th Street”, and “Ballad Of A Thin Man.” He stood for “Maggie’s Farm” and sat for the other two. I, like everyone else, was so surprised and I thought I should check back about what guitar he played during R&R tour and his last time playing electric.

    In the article above I mention Bob playing guitar for “Watching The River Flow” starting on June 7, 2022 through to September 25, 2022. However I assumed that it was acoustic guitar but it was electric! Not only that, but I somehow missed that he had played electric guitar June 3, 2022 not just on one song but three! I had even commented on the channel where I had listened and yet it did not register when writing my article. These are the songs he played electric guitar on that night and I will provide the link if this format allows.
    Three songs June 3, 2022 on guitar including some solos:
    Watching The River Flow (Bob on guitar then on piano)
    False Prophet (Bob on piano then guitar at end)
    When I Paint My Masterpiece (Bob on guitar and piano)
    Link to songs and more info:
    Be sure to read the channel description which has some review excerpts of this unique show.

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