Don’t make her cry: A previously unlisted Bob Dylan co-composition


By Larry Fyffe

“‘Don’t Make Her Cry’ were the words Regina McCrary’s father, Reverend Sam McCrary, said to Bob Dylan when they met at a Nashville show in 1978 shortly after she joined his band,” Buddy Miller tells SPIN.

The story continues: “Three decades later, they finally wrote lyrics to the song together in Huntsville, Alabama. When it came to writing the music, Bob said to Regina, ‘give it to Buddy Miller.’    Regina says that she “then passed it to Julie, who added more lyrics, moved others around, and set it to music.”

He stood like a soldier, concern in his eye
He nodded his head, it was full of surprise
He stood there a while, and said are you sure
Is your love for him really that pure

Ever since she was born, she was my little girl
And I'll always watch over her even from another world
She's a seventh charm, the seventh child, boy do you know that
God's thumbprints on her wherever she's at

Don't make her cry
Don't make her cry

When your mind's bouncing around like a pinball arcade
Just keep standing there, and don't be afraid
What's done in the dark comes to the light
So stay out of the shadows, and do what's right

Sometime your critics think they're so justified
But they don't know a thing about who you are inside
Stand strong, and always remember who you are
Stand strong, and always follow that star

Don' maKe her cry
Don't make her cry

Yes, when I heard your father talk
It sounded like someone else on the block
When he shook my hand, it truly felt
Like the power of love that makes your heart melt

I'll never forget that night, that time, that place
He looked me straight in the eye with amazing grace
Said with  compassion all over his face
Said to me:

Don't make her cry
Don't make her cry
Don't make her cry
Don't make her cry
Don't make her cry ...

Untold Dylan: the series


  1. There are tear drops in her heart
    But they can’t make her cry
    (Nat King Cole: They Can’t Make Her Cry – Davidson/Livingston)

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