Bob Dylan performs in Oregon

I’ve not recorded any details of Dylan concerts before – but then I thought why not.  Here’s the first supplied today, 24 October 2014 by Sam Chianello.

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Excitment’s  everywhere in the city of  ‘good hearts and gentle people’,  for Bob Dylan and his Band appeared  for a single Oregon engagement.   There were plenty of smiles downtown Portland.  The Restaurants,  Morton’s Steak House in particular, were abuzz with anticipation.

The Venu was sold out.   Audience members were milling  about  as the will-call window was was in full swing.   Outdoor minstrals (I counted 3 rag- tag groups)  could  be heard singing  the old Dylan classics as one approached Keller Auditorium, and ticket scalpers  galore shouting their price from  a safe distance.

When the doors opened, it was clear all walks of life came to witness the event.  There were old hippie die-hards,  Earth Mothers that resembled 1970’s  Maria Muldaur(s).   And well  dressed / coiffed professionals.    I was amazed how vital everyone looked.   A rejuvination was in the air.

When Dylan took to the stage, the audience stood and roared with applause.   With his  Band at hand,   thier opening  piece was  ‘Things Have Changed’.    He is standing,  doning  a loose fitting over-lenghted tan colored silk  sport coat.   With his hand on the mic stand,   he was ever the  elegant hep-cat.   His voice deep and gravelly, slightly reminesciant  of Louis Armstrong.  His Band,  superb and  sensitive musicians, were faultless.

He performed for about two hours,  with a rousing  encore   that included  ‘All Along The Watchtower’  and of course,  ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’.   It was a magical evening,  and  to see him in very good health was also reassuring.  Let’s hope for his return!

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