The greatest recordings of Dylan songs by everyone else Part 5

Previously we have looked at and hopefully listened to…

Part 1: Laura Marling, Old Crowe, Dixie Chicks, Tom Jones, The Helio Sequence, The O-Jays, Mikael Wiehe and Ebba Forsberg, Coulson Dean McGuiness Flint, George Harrison,  Sinéad Lohan

Part 2: Judy Rodman, Spirit, Eric Clapton, Solomon Burke, The Daily Flash, Jason and the Scorchers, George Harrison, The Tallest Man on Earth, Nice, Charlie Parr

Part 3Nina Simone, Michael Moravek, Jerry, Phil and Bob, The Nice, Bettina Jonic, Sheila Atim, Walter Trout, Stan Denski, Old Crow Medicine Show,  Ramblin’ Jack Eliot 

Part 4: Pearls before Swine, Howard Fishman, Sinead O’Connor, Mandolin Orange, Them, Lindsay Taylor, String Swing, Falco, Jimi Hendrix, Youssou N’Dour.



41: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall by Jason Mraz .  Suggested by Jim.

42: Wallflower – Buddy & Julie Miller. [Spotify] Suggested by Fred Muller.  (There is an open version – but it is not available in the UK so I can’t check it.  Same happened with some other songs recommended.  But this is the first time I’ve really liked this song.  Thanks for suggesting it Fred.)

43: What Good am I? – Solomon Burke. [Spotify] Suggested by Fred Muller.

44: Lay Down Your Weary Tune – Tim O’Brien.  Suggested by Fred Muller.

45: I Threw It All Away – Yo La Tengo.  Suggested by Fred Muller.

46: Baby, I’m in the Mood for You – Odetta.  Suggested by Fred Muller.

47: Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues – The Handsome Family.  Suggested by Fred Muller.  (Oh I do like this version – the singer just seems to reflect the words so perfectly.)

48: Man in the Long Black Coat – Mark Lanegan.   Suggested by Fred Muller.

49: Going, Going, Gone – Richard Hell & The Voidoids.  Suggested by Fred Muller.

50: Like a Rolling Stone – Articolo 31.  Suggested by Fred Muller.  (I wish I spoke Spanish.  Fred, if you do, can you tell us what is going on here?)

Fred – thank you for all your suggestions.  I can’t find a recording on line of “Memphis Blues Again” by Mud Boy.  If you know of one on line let me know.

Please do keep sending in new ideas, either to the Facebook site or in the comments below.  I will keep adding new articles of ten suggestions at a time until I run out of suggestions, and at the end will record all the articles together in an index so we can go back and find the lists with ease without jumping around the site.

My random comments are not meant to suggest that I don’t like the versions I haven’t commented on – it’s quite overwhelming to run through each list of ten one after the after, and it is for me truly enjoyable to listen to all these different choices.

A really sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed.

As before where available I am linking to YouTube videos but where none seems to be available I’m adding the Spotify link.  To access this you will need a Spotify account – but obtaining one is free – just fill in the form.




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  1. Hi Tony, Thanks for your kind comments.
    Articolo 31 is an Italian rap group. I don’t know what the lyrics are about! This version seems to have Bob’s approval as it’s on the ‘Masked and Anonymous’ CD.
    As far as I know, both Mud Boy & The Neurtons’ albums have been out of print for years; one would have thought that, following Jim Dickinson’s death, they would have been reissued. ‘Memphis Blues Again’ is from their 1986 LP ‘Known Felons in Drag’. Buddy Miller’s thrilling version of ‘With God On Our Side’ in on ‘Universal United House of Prayer’ while Youssou N’Dour’s ‘Chimes of Freedom’ is on ‘The Guide (Wommat)’.
    By the way, the hypertext to ‘Part 4’ links to part 3.

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