Best cover versions of Bob Dylan songs ever. Part 3

Compiled by Tony Attwood from suggestions made both here and on our Facebook group.

This is self evidently the third part of our series of the best ever cover versions sent in by readers to our Facebook site.  They are not in any order other than the order in which they were submitted (and not always that!)

You can read the earlier selections here…


Part 1: Laura Marling, Old Crowe, Dixie Chicks, Tom Jones, The Helio Sequence, The O-Jays, Mikael Wiehe and Ebba Forsberg, Coulson Dean McGuiness Flint, George Harrison,  Sinéad Lohan

Part 2: Judy Rodman, Spirit, Eric Clapton, Solomon Burke, The Daily Flash, Jason and the Scorchers, George Harrison, The Tallest Man on Earth, Nice, Charlie Parr

Part 3Nina Simone, Michael Moravek, Jerry, Phil and Bob, The Nice, Bettina Jonic, Sheila Atim, Walter Trout, Stan Denski, Old Crow Medicine Show,  Ramblin’ Jack Eliot 

Part 4: Pearls before Swine, Howard Fishman, Sinead O’Connor, Mandolin Orange, Them, Lindsay Taylor, String Swing, Falco, Jimi Hendrix, Youssou N’Dour.

and please do keep sending in new ideas, either to the Facebook site or in the comments below.  I will keep adding new articles of ten suggestions at a time until I run out of suggestions, and at the end will record all the articles together in an index so we can go back and find the lists with ease without jumping around the site.

My random comments are not meant to suggest that I don’t like the versions I haven’t commented on – it’s quite overwhelming to run through each list of ten one after the after, and it is for me truly enjoyable to listen to all these different choices.

A really sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed.

As before where available I am linking to YouTube videos but where none seems to be available I’m adding the Spotify link.  To access this you will need a Spotify account – but obtaining one is free – just fill in the form.

Here we go with 21 to 30.  More soon.

21: Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues by Nina Simone suggested by Paul and separately by David Alexander-Watts.  (Tony’s note: I’m realising how lacking my knowledge of Dylan really is.  I had never heard this before – it is chilling.  I came out in goose pimples.)

22: Dirge by Michael Moravek, suggested by Paul.  [On Spotify]

23:She Belongs to me by Jerry, Phil and Bob, suggested by Edward Thomas.

24: Country Pie by The Nice, suggested by Ken Willis.

25: It’s alright Ma (I’m only bleeding) by Bettina Jonic [Spotify], suggested by David Alexander-Watts.

26: Tight Connection to My Heart by Sheila Atim (from Girl from the North Country) . Suggested by Tony Allen.

27: Girl from the North Country by Walter Trout. Suggested by Darrin Ehil.

28: Desolation Row by Stan Denski.  Suggested by Stan Denski.

29: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 by Old Crow Medicine Show.  Suggested by Vadim Slowoda.

30:  “Don’t Think Twice it’s All Right”  Ramblin’ Jack Eliot suggested by Tom Felicetti.

What else is on the site

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  1. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall by Jason Mraz is fine (make sure it’s the clean version with no silly sound effects added)

  2. (1)

    You get the feeling that Bob would approve of this


    Too long since Bob sang this one


    This won’t be covered too often


    It ain’t him, babe – but okay still



    More Jimi than Bob



  3. Are you going to have a foreign language section? Anyway, here are some to stretch your language muscle:


    A lovely French Shelter


    An Italian Senor


    To Finland for Changin’


    A Rumanian I Want You


    Good fun. Might not count, since the template is not a Bob original – though he did more than most to popularise it …



    Back to France for two early ones


    A Gaelic Watchtower


    An Italian Durango

  4. Old Crow Medicine Show performed the entire Blonde On Blonde in concert last year and the resulting CD is inspired – except perhaps for Stuck Inside of Mobile …

  5. Many thanks Jim. I’ll get these on the website in due course. One thing, it is also helpful to me if along with the links (which are great) if you, or indeed anyone sending in suggestions, could put the title of the song, and ideally the performers. It helps me make sure that I haven’t already put them up, or already have them in a file ready to be put up. Tony

  6. Sorry for the omission. The only link that doesn’t make song and singer clear is the Lily of the West one. That song is Usne vrele višnje by a Yugoslavian (Croatian) band called Azra.



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