Play lady play: the unexpected re-workings

By Aaron Galbraith

It’s been a while since the last episode of Play Lady Play!

For this one I thought we should turn to the Chimes Of Freedom album from 2012. There are some fascinating versions of Dylan songs on this four disc set, including versions by the likes of Johnny Cash, Pete Townsend, Beck, Jackson Browne. Indeed we have looked at some tracks from the album in previous Play Lady Play episodes (Joan Baez – Seven Curses, Diana Krall – Simple Twist Of Fate to name but two.

Full details of past episodes are given on the Play Lady Play page.

Now let’s take a listen to some really interesting takes. I’ve never heard anything like some of these before!

Note from Tony: the links that Aaron has provided from the USA for these incredible reworkings of Dylan’s songs unfortunately don’t appear to work in the UK.  I’ve no idea if it is just the UK that has this problem, but in each case I have managed to find a version that does work in my home country.

So please don’t be put off if some of these links come up with a note saying the recording is not available in your territory.  I’ve also included links that do work in the UK – and if neither Aaron’s link from the USA or mine from the UK work, then it really is worth just typing the name of the performer and title of the song into your browser, as I suspect there might be a version somewhere that works where you are.

Honestly, it really is going to be worth the effort!

Lay Lady Lay by Angelique Kidjo. She is a Benenise singer songwriter and activist

If that one comes up as unplayable try this link

Next up, “All I Really Want To Do” by Iranian vocalist Sussan Deyhim.  Again different parts of the world seem to have different versions that will play.  If the video below doesn’t work for you, try this sound link– it really, really is worth it.

I Want You by Ximena Sarinana. She is a Mexican singer songwriter, and yet again copyright issues are making life difficult.  Try one of these two…


Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Malaysian singer/ukulele player Zee Avi

We’ve got three more wonderful re-workings lined up for you so I really do hope you can make one of these alternatives work.   If neither do, but you find another link that does work where you are, please do note it in the comments section below, including a mention of where you are on the planet, so others in your region can share these recordings.

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