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John Wayne by ‘Les Paul’s’: more Dylan references than its possible to count

Among the many references are

For more information and a full list of all the references please see The Pauls website.

John Wayne lyrics

Dylan isn’t Dylan and Wayne isn’t Wayne
They got where they are by changing their names

Jesus was the first Superman we know that of course
One got cross, got nailed – the other fell off his horse

A white boy’s on stage singing black boys Blues
He’s the bridge on the page making black music cool
Songs of the black slaves, hollering in the fields
Laid down in unmarked graves, never got million dollar deals

John Wayne, John Wayne defender of the west
All the way from Jeddah to Key West
You’re still giving your ‘Man of peace’ talk
While walking that legendary John Wayne walk

You’re too long in the saddle
You’re too long in the tooth
Been through too many battles
Listening to those Hollywood truths

A conspiracy in J.R.’s home town
Brought the hopes of the western world down
You could have asked him not to paint the town red
Coz you had to get rid of all those bugs in his and hers bed

Dylan denying he’s made a profit/prophet
Everyone’s telling him to ‘stop it’
If you buy souls then that’s the price
Your veins must be flowing with pure ice

John Wayne, John Wayne why don’t you dance
And break free of that soldiers stance
You look so square you look so stiff
Just turn your head and face the rift

I e-mailed the Lord but it got leaked
On a rocking boat up on Cripple Creek
There’s a burning bush over there
Out in the woods running bear

John Wayne, John Wayne count the notches on your gun
How many of them were your sons
You show your strength and your power
As you tread on the trembling flowers

John Wayne, John Wayne no twin you stand alone
All that grey meat’s shaking on your bones
Buddy is gone can’t spare you a dime
His plane went down before its time

John Wayne, John Wayne better cover your head
The Marlboro Man’s shooting sticks of lead
He ain’t no Mason he ain’t no bride
John Wayne do you have God on your side?

Music composed and performed by Paul Odiase BMI No. 1252265 (Switzerland)
Song lyrics by Paul Robert Thomas PRS No. 497904008 (London)
PRS Tunecode 415199GV

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