Another Dylan song found: “Riding on the train” which is NOT “Ride this train”

By Tony Attwood with very many thanks to Tim Johnson

On our listing of Dylan songs we have a piece called “Ride this train”.   That is a 1986 song, and I’ve dropped the recording in at the end of this piece, which came at the same time as the wonderful “To fall in love with you”.

That song was noted by Untold a while back, but when I wrote that little piece I missed another song, “Riding on the  train.”   However Tim Johnson has picked me up on this, and sent me a recording of “Riding on the train” – and persevered with me even when I then didn’t reply, and kept on until finally I did wake up and get my house in order.  As a result thanks to his endevours, we do have another song, which is not “Ride this train” (and which is also not Riding on Train 45 which is not a Dylan song at all) but  which turns out to be a different song.

The two gigs at which the song was played were both in Sydney on concurrent days, 12 February and 13 February 1986, by Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. agrees on the dates but carries no detail.


But Tim Johnson has gone even further by having a bash at the lyrics

Riding on the train

......   I'll tell ya
I swear I can be there
and yeah I can be there
I'll tell ya   on the beat
all night mama till you reach the top
one more mama (I'll take care of you}
on the train   of pain
on the train   of pain
(oh so)   I saw her
I see high (her)   I see riding
ahaa...I see ...    
on the feeling
one more time baby keep on riding
one more time baby cause
you're riding on the train
the train of pain
riding on the train  the train of pain
riding on the train   the train of pain
aaah riding on the train
on the train of pain
riding on the train
riding the track (train)
one last… mama can you come on back
......tell you all the time
on the train riding on the train of pain

So we have one more song giving us 622 songs on the complete alphabetical listing.

Very many thanks to Tim for not only noticing this song but also persevering with me after I lost the first email!

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