Untold Showcase. Inspired by Murder Most Foul: ‘Marilyn Monroe – Endless Night’

By Paul Robert Thomas

We just recorded our latest song ‘Marilyn Monroe – Endless Night‘ that was of course inspired by Mr. Dylan’s ‘Murder Most Foul‘ and is about the suspected murder of M.M. and has numerous references to the people in the plot and is put together like an Agatha Christie play and includes a number of her play names that are highlighted in the lyrics.

Anyway, please take a listen at


It is from our next Dylan inspired album – Scared of America – Volume Three at


Like a well written mystery
Played out on the stage of history
All the actors played their part
From the 1st scene to the last

The world saw the opening scene
The plot was cruel, the plot was mean
‘Happy Birthday Mr. President, you fill me with glee
How I wish you felt the same about me’!
The same about me’!
Wish you felt the same about me’!

John, Bobby, Jimmy and Sam
Each one an influential man
The big four always knocking on your door
In the end they didn’t want you no more

Love from a stranger
A stranger in the night
The curtain came down
On an endless night

The C.I.A. and The Mob one time
Were both together partners in crime
They wanted Fidel out of the scene
He was polluting their American Dream

Some say it was a put-up-job
By the C.I.A. and The Mob
You’ve had a red or two in your bed
Is that why they wanted you dead?

Sam warned you not to sing
Keeping quiet wasn’t your thing
Who were those uninvited guests
Cleaning up all the mess?

There was nothing, nothing you wrote
Not in black and white
You didn’t leave a note
On this endless night

Before the end you took a personal call
There’s an unfinished portrait hanging on the wall
The scene was clean, it was complete
The maid furiously washing the sheets

They said you went at half past ten
Were you alone or surrounded by men?
There were bruises on your back
Like you’d been beaten and attacked

Your stomach was empty, it was clean
There were no needles found at the scene
Something seemed foul, something was wrong
Your secret red diary was gone

The deed had been done
They turned out your lights
They didn’t do it with a gun
On this endless night
On this endless night
On this endless night

Well, The big four met grisly deaths
Staring down a barrel as they took their last breaths
John, Bobby, Jimmy and Sam
Were you their Sacrificial Lamb?
Their Sacrificial Lamb
Were you their Sacrificial Lamb?

Judy’s ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’
Played as they lowered the casket of Monroe
No-one said Kaddish over her grave, no-one cried
Who was really shocked that Marilyn had died?

Now the orchestra is quiet, there’s no more song
All the leading actors are long gone
The stage is dark and without light
On this lonely cold endless night

The stage is dark and without light
On this lonely cold endless night
The stage is dark and without light
On this lonely cold endless night
On this lonely cold endless night

Thank you, Paul

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  1. With a nod to William Blake:

    Some are born to sweet delight
    Some are born to endless night
    (Auguries Of Innocence)

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