Another incomplete Dylan song, completed: California Brown Eyed Baby

By Tony Attwood

Bob Dylan Showcase: write the music to a Dylan song

You might recall that a while back we introduced the Bob Dylan Showcase in which readers of Untold Dylan could send in a recording of themselves performing a Dylan song, or a song that related to or was inspired by Dylan’s work in some way.

The collection of recordings we mustered are of course still online and you can reach them via the Untold Dylan Showcase Directory.

Included in this series were a number of songs to which Dylan had written the lyrics, but for which neither he nor anyone else had written any music, and so some of these were completed, allowing the composers to claim, quite reasonably, to have co-written a Dylan song.  All such songs are listed in our alphabetical index of Dylan songs.

As with all nice ideas, gradually its time passed and we moved on but in doing so, two sets of Dylan lyrics were left.

and I did say in my last post about this idea, “If you can write the music to either of these songs, please record it and send it to   If you don’t Tony will have to do it himself, and you don’t want that.”

Well, you were warned, so I’ve composed, and now present, for the first time

“California Brown Eyed Baby”

by Bob Dylan

and Tony Attwood

Here is one version of the lyrics – but there is another with a couple of variations which I have used as they were slightly easier to set…

Anyway it is just meant as a bit of fun.  And if you want to join in you can have a go with Bowling alley blues which I must warn you is fiendish in the extreme.

But equally please do go back to the entries that we had from readers of the site and if you have a recording of yourself or your band or your mates, and it in any way relates to Dylan, please email me the file – send it to


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  1. Hi Tony,

    You composed some lovely music to these lyrics. It does not sound like how Bob might do it but it is really great! Your piano skills are incredible; warm and expressive! I really do not know how you can articulate that many notes so beautifully!

    I might have a go at something soon! I have sorely neglected my personal musical expression. Great job!

    Thanks Tony


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