Bowling Alley Blues: another Dylan set of lyrics needing the music

By Tony Attwood

As you may know one of the more unusual things we have done here is to invite readers of Untold Dylan to look at Dylan lyrics which have never been put to music.

The most recent that we have had completed is Song to Bonny and there are details of other such songs below.

Recently I announced another song we’d found: Tioga Pass.    Thus far no one has ventured to add any music to that song, and unless someone does I am going to be adding my own music and I am not sure you want that.  So that offer is still there.

But if you don’t fancy Tioga Pass, we now have one more.  Here’s the original

This was discovered by Aaron and is Bowling Alley Blues.   Aaron says of this, “I tried to work out the lyrics from the typed up sheet and left out some bits from the top of the page which seemed incongruous with the rest, like he was trying something out before moving on to the real work of the day.

“It turned up in Writings and Drawings, and here’s what I came up with”

I got your letter today
And I’m glad to hear you’re doing fine
I see you still got your habit
And I’m so happy to hear it isn’t mine

I read your name in the paper again
Going out with Mr So and So
So the news is out and you can’t pretend
That you did not know

Maybe tomorrow morning
When you wake up and find
That your dear sweet daddy’s got fed up
And has left everything behind

Or why wait for tomorrow
When you can find this out today
So just be good and do like you should
And don’t spend your time throwing it away!

I love a switchboard operator
She’s the only one for me
I love a switchboard operator
She’s the only one I wanna see

Anytime I need some money
I just call her on her line
And she always tells me looky honey
Everything will soon be fine

I love a switchboard operator
And she’s the one that I desire
And of course I’m bound to see her later
And we’ll go dancing on the wire

On the wire
Sing something safe
Is it right to think about what one can do
Or is it right to think about what one has done

So there we are – you now have two songs to play with, through which you can achieve immortality by writing your own version of the music.

When you have done your work, just send me a music file to   An MP3 or MP4 will be fine, and we’ll publish the result here and add the song to our list of 616 compositions by Dylan already covered on this site.

Here are some of the songs we have had completed so far…

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Tony Attwood

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