Bob Dylan And The Dylavinci Code Part 1

by Larry Fyffe

Singer/songwriter Bob Dylan drops a big clue concerning the  real story behind the biblical Jesus in a recent song that he writes:

I searched the world over
For the Holy Grail
I sing songs of love
I sing songs of betrayal
(False Prophet)

We’ve decided it’s the appropriate time for the  Untold Dylan Corporation to open it’s massive vaults, and discuss with  readers some of the fragmented manuscripts of songs penned by time-traveller Bob Dylan.

Our weary and world-wandering archaeologists discover the manuscripts in a cave near the Black Sea.

Now in the Untold vaults be the genuine Holy Grail, and engraved on the goblet are symbols, including the Eye of Horus, that tell the actual story of Jesus Christ and ‘His companion’ Mary Sophia Magdalene.

Inside that Holy Grail stuffed are a number of song lyrics with music notated on parchments that our linguistic and music specialists piece back together.

We are not sure what language that the time-transported Dylan uses, but our experienced experts nevertheless decode the meaning of the words.

The key to deciphering the parchment lyrics is the realization that Jesus is speaking the words written down by Bob Dylan.

One of the songs is very similar to one still sung today, but in the discovered original lyrics the gender of the child is female; the baby’s named Sophia.

Jesus prays to his Father in Heaven to protect the girl that He and Mary produce:

For her age, she's wise
She's got her mother's eyes
There's gladness in her heart
She's young, and she's wild
And my only prayer
Is if I can't be there
Lord, protect my child
(Lord Protect My Child)

It’s quite clear from above lyrics that the guardians of the Christian canon are on Jesus/Dylan’s trail in America, and that their intention is not full of love.

What happens is encoded via allegory within the lyrics of a song written in the present time.

One of the high priests sent out by the established Church to assassinate both Jesus and the pregnant Magdalene is gunned down.

It’s claimed by the shooter that Jesus fires the shot:

Was it me that shot him down in the cantina
Was it my hand that held the gun
Come, let us fly, my Magdalena
The dogs are barking, and what's done is done
(Romance In Durango)

After a short gun battle with a sheriff’s posse, in which Jesus is wounded, the Spanish-speaking cowboy Christ and Magdalene sail off to southern France, and eventually end up together in Morocco.

So it’s for good reason, as recorded by the time-traveller, that Jesus decides to say little about His sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene.

A song placed in the Holly Grail that we put back together (what remains of it anyway) reads like this:

'Tis not of me to talk absurd
No rumour do I carry
No, I'll not give you one word
But for the love of Spanish Mary


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