Bob Dylan And The DylavincI Code (Part III)

by Larry Fyffe

From the reporting of his time-travelling adventures, our readers can readily see that singer/songerwriter Bob Dylan secretly encodes the story of the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and the birth of their daughter, in a number of  song lyrics.

The fragmented manuscripts found by ‘Untold’ in the Holy Grail leaves no doubt that Dylan indeed has the ability to travel back through space and time.

Fear of what mainstream religious authorities could do explains why Bob Dylan does not come right out, and write down what he discovers about the history of the past.

Instead, the singer drops symbolic clues, mostly in lyrics, so that attentive listeners might figure out the story for themselves.

One of the biggest clues is the diagram on the back cover of Dylan’s ‘Blood On The Tracks’ album.

It’s one thing to say Mary has a daughter by Christ; quite another to point out where the bodies of mother Mary Magdalene, and Sophia Sarah, her daughter, are buried.

In the pictorial diagram, two sepulchres are shown enclosed at the bottom of a pyramid, topped by a hard-to-distinguish ‘Eye of Horus’, an Egyptian symbol of regeneration.

Gluing together the fragments of a song stuffed in the Holy Grail demonstrate that the following lyrics, referring to the birth of  Maggie’s daughter, are changed in the modern rendition:

I can hear a sweet voice gently calling
Must be the Mother of our Adored
(Duquesne Whistle)

Spanish-speaking Mary Magdalene apparently travels to France from Mexico – so indicated by the French word ‘duquesne’ which means “of the oaks” in English. ‘Adored’ then refers to Sophia, her child born beneath the oaks of France.

The line later changed from the neutral ‘adored’ to the masculine ‘Lord’ so as to mesh with the biblical story of Joseph and the other Mary that’s told by the orthodox high priests of Christianity.

The revelations of the DylavincI Code indicate that the burial site of Mary Magdalene, later joined there by her daughter, is in Egypt.

The recently written song, quoted below, warns that one must be careful, however.  Beware, on an exceptionally cold and snowy night in Egypt, no bodies are found:

We came to the pyramids all embedded in ice
He said, there's a body I'm trying to find
If I carry it out, it'll bring a good price
'Twas then that I knew what was on his mind

The body to be carried out of the tomb is intended of course to be that of  Dylan himself, murdered by a hired assassin. The killer then paid off by authorities from the established Church should he succeed.


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