Dylan cover of the day. No 2: Ain’t Talkin

By Tony Attwood


This series started yesterday with the article linked above.  Next should be Abandoned Love  but we’ve already done a review of a whole range of interesting covers in the Beautiful Obscurity series.

And moving on through the Dylan compositions in alphabetical order it has quickly become clear that there are lots of Dylan songs that no one seems to have covered.  Or indeed maybe just one or two people have had a go at, but in my imperious way I don’t rate them highly enough to be worthy of a place in “Cover of the Day”.

And so I’ve meandered on to Ain’t Talkin’ recorded by Betty LaVette

I love the fact that the percussionist is reduced to doing the same thing all the way through – and yet it works perfectly.   Mind you when you get a full band shot, he looks bored out of his mind.

But, hell, the band and Ms LaVette, really do get something out of this song.  Worthy of inclusion as cover of the day.  The sudden stop of the band took me by surprise too.


  1. Great! I have a playlist ‘Better then Bob’ (not many tracks) and this is a contender.

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