Bob Dylan cover of the day: All I really want to do

By Tony Attwood

The idea of this little series is to find the occasional cover of a Dylan song that you might not have heard before, and offer it as something to lighten the day, or to make you fire off an email saying “What a waste of time” or something else.  Whatever you like.

These two versions of “All I really wanna do” completely fascinated me.  And even if you don’t like the first do play the second.  They are related but utterly different.

and on to the second


  1. Lyrics would add meaning to the music though:

    Now I ain’t cooking to compete with you
    Beat up, heat up, whole-wheat you
    Jelly roll, casserole you
    Freeze-dry, deep fry, apple pie you
    All I really want to do
    Is Bacon, be Eggs with you
    Bacon be Eggs with you

  2. Provided a listener is aware of the original, I’d contend that the type of music performed (as above), can serve, though not necessarily intentionally, as an ‘objective correlative’ that burlesques the original music and lyrics of a song.

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