The Return Of The Fly

By Larry Fyffe

Biblical Beezlebub, linked to the worshippers of Baal, and later to Satan, seduces young women.

The Lord of the Flies sneaks into lyrics performed by a Christian-oriented singer:

They'd say when he grows up, watch out
When the gals see his big blue eyes
They'll hang around like a bunch of flies
Those women knew what they were talking about
(Hank Snow: Lady's Man ~ Coben)

In the following song lyrics, Beezlebub, though unnamed, and stinker though he be, fails to attract the female fly he’s after.

Perhaps she’s Jezebel, once a Baalist, who turns out to he more nun than fly:

Well I went back to see about her once
Went back to straighten it out
Everybody that I talked to had seen us there
Said they didn't know who I was talking about
(Bob Dylan: Red River Shore)

In the lyrics below, Beezlebub, here sex changed into the Sweet Lady of the Flies, is warned that she will get her comeuppance:

You hurt the ones that I love best
And cover up the truth with lies
One day you'll be in the ditch
Flies buzzing around your eyes
(Bob Dylan: Idiot Wind)

In a related tale of Greek mythology Io,  the daughter of a Water Naiad by a mortal, catches the eye of the Thunder God. To hide her from Hera,  Zeus turns her into a white heifer. The wife of Zeus torments the young cow with a gadfly. Io runs away, but Zeus follows her tail all the way to the Nile where he transforms her back to her beautiful human form.

Could be said that Beezlebub and Zeus come together in the song lyrics below:

Don't ever take yourself to a place
Where I can't find you
Don't ever take yourself away 
I will never leave you
I will never deceive you
I'll be right there walking behind you
(Bob Dylan: Steel And Feathers ~ Dylan/Jean)


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