Untold Dylan Showcase: Embrace the Grace

Compiled by Tony Attwood

Untold Dylan Showcase is a feature we’ve run whenever we’ve had the chance, which quite simply consists of recordings made by our readers or about our readers’ music making.   Sometimes the music we get is supplied simply because a reader wants to offer it up, other times there is a theme.

Here’s today’s latest piece by David Kerner, it is a regular 12 bar blues with a simple message – go and vote!   I love it, not least because I always vote.   I’m old enough to have ancestors who (my family has told me) died in the fight for the right to vote, which has always seemed as good a reason as one can get to exercise one’s democratic duty – and to remind others of the benefit.   (I don’t normally go into my political views here, but there seems a good excuse at this point!)

The most recent addition to the Showcase venture, before the above, came when Bob Bjarke wrote in about his use of artificial intelligence to create some new Dylan-esque lyrics.  I think somewhat to his surprise, I then had  go at writing the music to those lyrics; I don’t claim them as works of art, but it was a fun experiment.

Prior to that we meandered around all sorts of other areas….

The earliest part of the venture was “Help complete a Dylan song” in which we printed the lyrics of Dylan songs that had never had music added, and invited readers to join in with the writing.

Our good friend Filip Łobodziński has also contributed a lot in this regard with his perspective on performing Dylan in Polish, and Bob Dylan in Poland.

And we have had also had the privilege to showcase reader’s versions of Dylan’s work

Did I miss someone?  If so please give the details of the article.

And do you have something to perform in relation to Dylan?   Just email it to Tony@schools.co.uk with some background notes and I’ll see what I can do.

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