The ideas keep flooding in: how Untold Dylan grows.

By Tony Attwood

The first aim of this site – to review all the important Bob Dylan songs – remains the same, but I have just had a few days off that because as always new things keep popping up.

We first got diverted into the notion that seeing the songs in the chronological order they were written in will help understand Dylan’s development as a composer – and it most certainly has.  We’ve reached 1973 in the index, with every single song reviewed, and very shortly I will put up the index to 1974 and then fill in the review gaps.

Dylan songs in Chronological Order

Then we moved on to thinking Dylan’s best opening lines.  That index of first lines in order has approach 100, most particularly with Dearbhla’s help, and that is continuing to grow.

Dylan’s opening lines, an index

Along the way the idea of doing a Dylan anniversary index cropped up, and a little bit on that was done, but it was so massive a task I’ve put it on hold, although I can see how it should be done, and I have most of the data.  It just needs writing up.  This one is going to have to wait.

And then along came Dylan’s best lines that are not first lines.

We have put a few on the Untold Dylan Facebook group (just search for Untold Dylan on Facebook or else go to

Incidentally, if you are interested, we’ve had a discussion on the influence of Robert Johnson and Woody Guthrie on Dylan on the Facebook group too.  I do hope you can join us.

If you would like to help out on any of these projects please do write to me:

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