Dylan songs of the 1960s

Dylan in Chronological Order of writing (not in the order of recording)

On this site there are reviews of Dylan’s compositions from all parts of his life, up to the most recent writings, but of late I have been trying to put these into chronological order, and fill in the gaps as I work.   Originally there was one file, but this got so large I am now breaking it down into decades.


The Bob Dylan Project is a jukebox of every Dylan song – and like Untold Dylan it is free.  I hope you enjoy that site too, as they have found us, and adopted us (so to speak).

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  1. Ballad for a friend (Blues; Death)
  2. Standing on the highway (Blues)
  3. Talkin’ John Birch Society Blues (Right wing protest)
  4. Blowing in the wind  (It’s not the world, it’s the way you see the world)
  5. Corrina Corrina (Lost love)
  6. Down the Highway (Lost love, Song of Leaving)
  7. Tomorrow is a long time (Lost love)
  8. Hard Rain’s a gonna fall (War protest)
  9. Ballad of Hollis Brown (Rural protest)
  10. John Brown (War protest)
  11. Don’t think twice (Song of Leaving)
  12. Oxford Town (Racism Protest)


  1. Masters of War (War protest)
  2. Girl from the North Country (Lost Love)
  3. Boots of Spanish Leather (Song of Leaving)
  4. Bob Dylan’s Dream (Lost love)
  5. Who killed Davey Moore?  (Boxing, Inequality)
  6. Seven Curses
  7. With God on our Side (Protest)
  8. Talking World War III Blues (Protest, surrealism)
  9. Only a pawn in their game  (Social commentary, protest)
  10. Eternal Circle (Nothing changes)
  11. North Country Blues (Rural protest)
  12. Gypsy Lou  (Art, Protest)
  13. When the ship comes in  (Protest)
  14. The Times they are a-Changing (Protest)
  15. Percy’s Song
  16. The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll (Protest, racism)
  17. Lay Down your Weary Tune
  18. One too many mornings (Song of Leaving)
  19. Restless Farewell


  1. Chimes of Freedom (Protest)
  2. Mr Tambourine Man (Surrealism; the way we see the world)
  3. I don’t believe you (She acts like we never have met) (Lost love)
  4. Spanish Harlem Incident (Love)
  5. Motorpsycho Nightmare  (Humour)
  6. It ain’t me babe (Song of Farewell)
  7. Mama you’ve been on my mind (Lost love)
  8. Ballad in Plain D  (Lost love)
  9. Black Crow Blues
  10. I shall be free number 10  (Talking Blues; humour)
  11. To Ramona (Love)
  12. All I really want to do (Song of Farewell; Individualism)
  13. I’ll keep it with mine (Don’t follow leaders; individualism)
  14. My back pages (Individualism)
  15. Gates of Eden (Protest, Individualism, A world that makes no sense)
  16. It’s all right ma – 2013 review (Protest; Individualism, A world that makes no sense)  It’s all right ma – 2015 review
  17. If you’ve gotta go, go now (Song of Farewell; Individualism)


  1. Farewell Angelina (Song of Farewell)
  2. Subterranean Homesick Blues (Beat Poetry as rock music)
  3. Outlaw Blues
  4. Love Minus Zero (Love)
  5. She Belongs to Me (Love)
  6. It’s all over now baby blue (Song of Farewell)
  7. Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream (Beat poetry as rock music)
  8. On the Road Again
  9. Maggie’s Farm
  10. It takes a lot to laugh it takes a train to cry (aka Phantom Engineer)
  11. Like a Rolling Stone (Song of Disdain)
  12. Tombstone Blues
  13. Desolation Row (Political protest; It’s not the world, it’s how you see the world)
  14. Can you please crawl out your window? (Song of Disdain)
  15. Positively Fourth Street (Song of Disdain)
  16. Highway 61 Revisited (Blues)
  17. Just like Tom Thumb’s Blues
  18. Queen Jane Approximately
  19. Ballad of a thin man
  20. I wanna be your lover
  21. Visions of Johanna


  1. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
  2. Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowland
  3. Fourth Time Around
  4. Leopard skin pill-box hat
  5. One of us must know (sooner or later)
  6. She’s your lover now (disdain)
  7. Absolutely Sweet Marie
  8. Just like a woman
  9. Pledging my time
  10. Most likely you go your way and I’ll go mine
  11. Temporary Like Achilles
  12. Rainy Day Women
  13. Obviously Five Believers
  14. I want you
  15. If I was a king (the song from the Edinburgh hotel)


  1. Tiny Montgomery
  2. Sign on the cross
  3. Million dollar bash (surreal characters)
  4. I’m not there (lost love, regret)
  5. You ain’t going nowhere
  6. This Wheel’s on Fire
  7. I shall be released
  8. Too Much of Nothing
  9. Tears of rage
  10. Quinn the Eskimo – The Mighty Quinn (surreal characters)
  11. The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
  12. Drifter’s Escape (There is no cause and effect)
  13. I dreamed I Saw St Augustine
  14. All along the watch tower
  15. John Wesley Harding
  16. As I Went out one Morning
  17. I am a lonesome hobo
  18. I pity the poor Immigrant
  19. The Wicked Messenger
  20. Dear Landlord
  21. I’ll be your baby tonight (original) I’ll be your baby tonight (second thoughts)
  22. Down along the cove


  1. Lay Lady Lay


  1. I threw it all away
  2. To be alone with you
  3. One more night
  4. Country Pie (country living)
  5. Tell me it isn’t true
  6. Tonight I’ll be Staying Here With You
  7. Living the blues


  1. Time passes slowly
  2. Father of night
  3. Went to see the gypsy
  4. All the tired horses
  5. If not for you
  6. Sign on the window
  7. One more weekend
  8. New Morning
  9. Three Angels
  10. If dogs run free
  11. The Man in Me
  12. Winterlude
  13. Day of the locusts


  1. When I paint my masterpiece
  2. Watching the river flow
  3. George Jackson (protest)


  1. Forever Young – Tony’s review (Love and hope for a child)
  2. Forever Young – Dearbhla’s thoughts
  3. Billy 1, 4, and 7 and the Main title theme – Billy the Kid


  1. Knocking on heaven’s door
  2. Never say goodbye
  3. Nobody cept you
  4. Going going gone
  5. Hazel
  6. Something there is about you
  7. You Angel You (Love)
  8. On a night like this
  9. Tough Mama
  10. Dirge (This wheel’s on fire reworked)  (Disdain)
  11. Wedding Song (Rejection of labelling, setting oneself free)


  1. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts
  2. Tangled up in blue
  3. You’re a big girl now
  4. Shelter from the storm
  5. If you see her say hello
  6. Simple Twist of Fate
  7. Idiot Wind
  8. You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go
  9. Up to Me
  10. Buckets of Rain
  11. Meet me in the Morning


  1. Money Blues
  2. One More Cup of Coffee
  3. Golden Loom
  4. Oh Sister
  5. Abandoned Love
  6. Isis
  7. Joey (social protest)
  8. Rita May
  9. Hurricane
  10. Black Diamond Bay
  11. Mozambique
  12. Romance in Durango
  13. Sign Language (total of all songs so far, 167)



  1. Changing of the Guards
  2. Is your love in vain?
  3. Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)
  4. No Time to Think
  5. True Love Tends to Forget
  6. We better Talk this Over
  7. Where are you tonight?  (Journey through the Dark Heat)


  1. Walk out in the Rain (with Helena Springs)
  2. Coming from the heart (the road is long). (with Helena Springs)
  3. New Pony
  4. Baby Stop Crying
  5. Stop Now (with Helena Springs)
  6. The Wandering Kind (with Helena Springs)
  7. More than Flesh and Blood (with Helena Springs)
  8. I must love you too much (with Helena Springs)
  9. Stepchild
  10. Legionnaire’s disease
  11. Slow Train
  12. Do right to me baby (do unto others


  1. Gotta Serve Somebody
  2. I believe in You
  3. Ye Shall be Changed
  4. Trouble in mind
  5. Man gave names to all the animals
  6. No Man Righteous
  7. Gonna change my Way of Thinking
  8. Precious Angel
  9. When you gonna wake up
  10. When He Returns
  11. Saving Grace
  12. Stand by Faith
  13. Blessed is the Name
  14. Covenant Woman
  15. In the Garden
  16. Pressing On
  17. Saved
  18. Solid Rock
  19. What can I do for you?

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Dylan’s opening lines: an index

How Dylan writes songs, and other articles.