Bob Dylan Pawns His Watch (Part IX & X)


By Larry Fyffe

The God of Thunder is not happy that the New Testament asserts that Roman/Greek mythology will be undermined by the religion of Christianity; that the temples to him and his son Apollo will crumble:

But the many that art first shall be last
And the last shall be first
(Matthew 19: 30)

In the song lyrics below, song and danceman Apollo takes the Christian Almighty, and his son Jesus, to task:

And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no telling who
That it's naming
For the loser now
Will be later to win
(Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changing)

The rumour that Christianity is eventually going to win the war, and history come to an end, is not at all pleasing to Apollo’s ears:

And ye shall hear of wars
And rumours of war
See that ye be not troubled
For all these things must come to pass
But the end is not yet
(Matthew 24:6)

The Sun-God is not worried; he’s immortal, and always rises again.

He, like mortal Friedrich Nietschez, answers back:

There's been rumours of war
And wars that have been
The meaning of life
Has been lost in the wind
And some people thinking
That the end is close by
'Stead of learning to live
They are learning to die
Let me die in my footsteps
Before I go down underground
(Bob Dylan: Let Me Die In My Footsteps)

The last apostle mentioned in detective Dupin’s notebooks to be stabbed to death by Apollo is Saint Matthew.

According to these notes, the Sun-God is especially upset at Matthew ~

As a tax collector, the Apostle works for the Roman authorities, but Apollo considers him a traitor for being a follower of what he labels the “soft-hearted” Christian Messiah rather than a devotee of himself, and his father, the God of Thunder.

Tradition has it that Matthew is killed by a sword on the orders of a lusty King of Ethiopia; Matthew tells the monarch to keep his royal hands off a Nun.

Not so, documents Dupin ~ the Sun-God tracks down Matthew, and stabs the apostle while he’s soaking in the bathtub.

No matter, the Nun pours poison in the King’s ear, and supposedly grieves her protector’s death to the point that she takes on the Apostle’s name.

So recorded in the following song lyrics:

She stoops down to gather partly shattered men
And knows that when it's over, it will start again
Both the times she smiled, it was the portrait of the sun
She calls herself "St. Matthew" when she is on the run
(The Monkees: St. Matthew ~ Nesmith)

The Monkees: St. Matthew ~ Nesmith

Apparently, unlike his dad, yellow-haired, blue-eyed Apollo doesn’t have to disguise himself as anything – not in so far as the Nun on the run is concerned anyway.

Bob Dylan Pawns his Watch (Part X)

The Sun-God Apollo claims that Saint Matthew is possessed by Beelzebub, the Lord of Death.

The Apostle writes that Jesus hides things in plain sight in order that only innocent babes can see them.

His Father is going to sacrifice, like a lamb, His only begotten son so sinners can save themselves from Hell if they only open up their eyes:

At that time Jesus answered, and said

"I thank thee, O Father
Lord of heaven and earth
Because Thou has hid these things
From the wise and the prudent
And hast revealed them unto babes"
(Matthew 11:25)

The son of the Thunder God turns the religion of Christianity on its head, and mocks the Messiah’s disciple for being such a blind devotee to the ‘soft’ teachings of Christ when the dark material world has gone so wrong.

Where Satan is winning all the battles:

By the blood of the Lamb
And I'm so glad
Yes, I'm so glad. 
I'm so glad
So glad. 
I want to thank You, Lord
I just want to thank You, Lord
Thank You, Lord
(Bob Dylan: Saved)

On the artwork of a recording by singer/songwriter/musician Bob Dylan, the number 1125 is missing from licence plate of a smouldering Cadillac – so Patrick Roefflaer informs us; replaced by the 666 number of the AntiChrist

The gaffetti work of Apollo, asserts Edgar Allan Poe’s private eye Auguste Dupin. The detective says he dicovered the peeled-off licence numbers in a cave high up on Mount Olympus. He’s sure that Apollo stabbed, or convinced others to stab, a number of the Apostles to death so as to mark them off as Satan worshippers.

However, a Royal Commission, established by Athena’s Court, concludes that Apollo was the lone knife-wielder.

Nevertheless, the Sun God of Music pleads that he is as innocent as a new-born baby.

Seems quite an irrational god when all is said and done. Took the side of the Trojans because Hera, not being his real mother, sided with the Greeks  ~  so claims investigator Dupin anyway.

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  1. Detective Dupin makes it a point to note that Havens changes ‘curse’ to ‘course’, leaving the all-important clue right in the range of plain hearing
    …though unnoticed by listeners who are trained in standard police procedures of investigation.

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