Other people’s songs: Must be Sanata (and a touch of Hey Jude)

by Aaron Galbraith and Tony Attwood

A list of previous articles from this series can be found at the end of the article.

Aaron: Dylan mentioned that he remembered first hearing “Must Be Santa” on Holiday Sing-Along with Mitch by Mitch Miller & The Gang.

Dylan’s version is a cover of Brave Combo’s 1991 version, from their album “It’s Christmas, Man!”

Dylan played that version of “Must be Santa” on the Theme Time Radio Hour Christmas episode and would later note in an interview that the song “comes from a band called Brave Combo. They’re a regional band out of Texas that takes regular songs and changes the way you think about them. You oughta hear their version of ‘Hey Jude.’”

Tony:  Now Aaron didn’t follow that point up so I have – here is Hey Jude that Dylan was referring to.   And I would add, if you are not impressed by the larking around at the start skip through to 45″ and play from there.  It really is quite fun.  Well, it made me smile.  I love the version of la la la la la la la (etc) at the end.  Lovely rhythmic change.

But back to Aaron’s text…

This is one of those situations in which the video Aaron has found in the USA isn’t available in the UK where I am.  I’m leaving his selection in, and below putting another version I’ve found by the same band which does work in the UK.

Aaron: Here is Bob’s version

Tony: So this sounds pretty much like part two of the version by Brave Combo that I have found works in the UK, so I guess I’m on the right track.   And OK if you are totally in the Christmas spirit, and the water pipes haven’t frozen etc etc then I guess it is great fun.

Perhaps my review this morning is suffering from the fact that last night I drove for 90 minutes in pretty awful conditions to an event only to get there to find it was called off.  Not putting me in the best mood – but I think all these songs are best played with lots of friends around and everyone in the Christmas spirit.  Which of course I’ll get to in time, I’m sure.

Aaron: She & Him recorded their version for 2016 album Christmas Party. Along the way they updated the list of presidents to include Obama and Hillary Clinton (“unfortunately Hillary never became president”).

Tony: The problem with the song is that there is not too much one can do with it – the repeated lines only make sense if performed as in the original, and the “Must be Santa” line can’t really be changed because of the fact that “must” comes in on the second beat of the bar which gives its distinctive sound.  Take that out and the song loses its essence – unless you are doing the Brave Combo style approach where anything goes.

I’m glad I found that one.  Really made me smile.

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