Bob Dylan, George Byron And William Blake

by Larry Fyffe

The philosophy of a professional pirate ~ a professional pirate does not rob – he steals:

But I being fond of true philosophy
Say very often to myself, "Alas
All things that have been born were born to die ..."
(George Byron: Don Juan, Canto I)
Plays wasted words, proves to warn
That he not busy being born is busy dying
(Bob Dylan: It's Alright Ma)

But what is to be done? I can't allow
The fellow to lie groaning on the road
So take him up, I'll help you with  the load
(George Byron: Don Juan, Canto XI)
So when you see your neighbour carrying something
Help him with his load
And don't go mistaking Paradise
For the home across the road
(Bob Dylan: The Ballad Of Frankie Lee And Judas Priest)


Whose frown would put the spheres all out of tune
Whose smile makes all the planets dance with mirth
(George Byron: Don Juan, Canto V)
She looked at me with an irresistible glance
With a smile
That could make all the planets dance
(Bob Dylan: Marching To The City)


You are asleep; I won't attempt to wake ye
Sleep on, sleep on, while in you pleasant dreams
Of reason, you may drink of life's clear streams
(William Blake: You Don't Believe)
I was hoping we could drink from
Life's  clear streams
I was hoping we could dream
Life's pleasant dreams
(Bob Dylan: Marching To The City)


When He said, "Only believe, believe and try!
Try, try, and never mind the reason why!"
(William Blake: You Don't Believe)
Tell old Bill when he comes home
Anything is worth a try
Tell him that I'm not alone
That the hour has come to do or die
(Bob Dylan: Tell Old Bill)


Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry
(William Blake:The Tiger)

Tiger, tiger, burning bright
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
In the forest of the night
Cover'im over, and let him sleep


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